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  1. Not to crush your hopes and dreams, but deals like this usually involve a contract that locks both parties into fulfilling certain obligations. It's very unlikely that Klei could view the feedback from this decision and change their minds. Your hope should be placed in them not partnering with Epic or similarly awful companies in the future.
  2. Alpha and early access are the same thing. Klei's games are often in EA for a year or more. They intend to release this Fall of next year, and it's only going to be available on Steam starting in June. That gives them a few months of "early access", so it doesn't quite seem to be the way you think it is.
  3. You get it for both platforms when you buy it for one. The issue isn't that it's available on Epic. It's that it's exclusive to Epic for a time, and like so many others this year... Klei took the money and signed the contract.
  4. Why not just make it exclusive for 5 years? 10? Why not just make it entirely exclusive forever? Why is 1 year acceptable but not some other number? Why do you draw the line there? A year is a long time. Plenty of time to forget that a game even exists... People used to complain about console exclusivity for map pack releases that were only a couple weeks or a month... now we have exclusivity deals that last years. I'm not even mad. Just disappointed.
  5. "My disappointment is immeasurable... and my day is ruined." That's a funny way of saying "Epic paid us a ton of money and we sold out." I've been a Klei fan for a long time. Own every title you people have made. Many of them on multiple platforms. It's not an issue of just not being available on Steam... it's the decision to "partner" with a company that clearly doesn't give a Puftlet's backside about your community and only sees developers like Klei as a weapon they can purchase to use as a cudgel against their competition. I find Epic as a company distasteful, and feel much the same about developers and publishers who sign exclusivity agreements with them. I'm honestly not sure a year will be a long enough time for me to be okay with spending my money on this game.
  6. This. Is. AWESOME! I don't usually participate in upgrade previews because I like to wait for the artwork to be finished and some of the kinks to get worked out. But I really can't resist this one.