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[Q] Unwanted garbage collection?

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I haven't found this mentioned or explained on the wiki or forums, so I came here.

I farmed a huge amount of trees (~300) throughout the winter. I couldn't be bothered to collect it all, so I just left it on the ground. As spring started, I went away to farm bunny puffs because I wanted to take advantage of the long dusks. I come back a few days after the summer starts, and all the wood and pinecones are gone!


Somewhat luckily, I had set my rollback length to 15 snapshots, and going back, it's fairly apparent the wood disappears gradually, similar to how I cut down the trees during winter.


Is there any info on this? I assume the game performs maintenance to keep the item count reasonable, but deleting stuff after just 20 days.. I dunno. Would have hoped it would stack it like teeth and monster meat from hounds are stacked.

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31 minutes ago, Chris1488 said:

Do you have any mods installed? I've never seen a "decay" timer anywhere before.

Nothing that would make the claim (or have a reason) to do something like that...

  • Large Chest
  • Finder Mod (+gamepad support)
  • Global Pause
  • Fueled Lazy Deserter
  • DST Storm Cellar
  • Lazy Furnace
  • Glowing Moonrock walls
  • Divining Rod X
  • Trap Reset
  • Global positions
  • DJPaul's Sort Inventory
  • Lazy Crafting
  • Show Me
  • Extended Indicators
  • DST Path Lights

Or are you asking about the actual text? That's "show me".

Thanks for noticing the decay timer, @Chris1488. I was under the impression that it applied only to the stumps, but apparently when a stump decays, (and some have by the time I came back), it takes a handful of logs and pinecones with it, too (probably to clean up after the tree that the stump was from). The game isn't subtle about it, either - I can be standing right there, and the stump and some logs will disappear right in front of me (click to view gif):


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