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Tiles changing phase in 5kg increments, without heating up

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Coolthulhu    1045

There is a mechanic that allows small amounts (~5kg) of resource to instantly change phase if next to a tile above/below this tile's phase change points.

For example, ice next to warm air will sometimes "bleed" 5kg puddles, large block of water will "burp" steam if next to a 150C tile (even if the water itself is cold), dirt may drop small blocks of sand. @Kabrute said it also affects liquid O2 next to abyssalite tiles, suggesting it ignores heat conductivity.

Did anyone do science on this thing? Maybe there is a whole thread documenting this, it's just that it's hard to search for something hard to describe with one word.

The only practical applications of this thing I see would look like this:

  • Build abyssalite tank
  • Run tungsten pipes through abyssalite tiles (non-door-building/tile interactions use some weird temperature exchange calculations, bypassing usual tile/tile rates)
  • Run very hot liquid through pipes
  • Put pH2O or crude oil into the tank
  • Watch as it very slowly, but very heat-efficiently (no direct heat transfer, only phase change transfer) converts to water or natgas

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Kabrute    1070

Using normal tiles this could be done faster than with insulated(low mass) and if you have a hot area you need the heat blead from just form your pipework on a loop with a bridge/valve to have it run for free :) I keep going over it in my head and the best set up I can imagine would look like this. image.thumb.png.7dc3391f8cfcec8dfb15bbfcccda5829.png

basically as you said abys tiles, abys pipe outside of tiles/hot zone, tungsten within the tile, could we stack a hot gas line on there aswell?  gyeser heat sink mebe? :) just thinking about the box here :)

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The Flying Fox    199

Alright, so I tested this.  It's definitely a thing.  Pictures are worth a thousand words.  The important thing to note is when I painted the granite and abyssalite tiles in there, I painted them at 500K.







So yeah, the effect produces pockets of 5K/g gases, although it is not 'free' energy.  Heat is definitely lost from the tile.  The important thing to note here is that it indeed does seem to ignore heat conductivity of the tile in question and just forcibly removes a  certain amount of heat from it.  Weird.

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