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Multi gas filtering

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There is a way to do it with a single Pump and Filter, but it will take a very long time.  Build both of them, with the Filtered (orange) output leaving the system, while the Filter's output goes to a Vent that is back in the same room (ideally far from the Pump).

Select one of the types of gas in the room to be filtered, and let the system run.  Eventually, the Filter won't have any of the selected gas to remove (or at least, not any getting to the Pump).  At that point, you turn off the Pump.  Then, reconfigure the pipe from the orange output of the Filter to whatever location for the next gas, switch the Filter's selection, and turn the Pump back on.  Repeat until you run out of gases in the room.

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Learned this from saturnis who got it from kahu(sp)?
By setting this valves to 1 gram they hold 1 gram constantly in each place behind the bridges. input from the bottom/right so far I haven't been able to overload it without overloading the vents first :) , this one isnt set for nat gas because I only have that in my geysers and not floating around the base, compression methods vary.  To prime this system attach a valve set below your pumps input but above these valves settings, (like 50) this will feed it packets slowly enough that it will lock in each segment of the filter.  If a segment fails to lock set its valve and input valve to 0 and line that gas up in your pipes, set valve to 1 and feed.  More than 80 cycles without a single hiccup no matter how badly I load it down :)

Each filter segment looks like this image.thumb.png.84b2e6109961ea5f513be59589e63a83.png


From door1 Filter1 .3 buffer1 .5 door2filter2(.3) buffer 2(1) door3filter3(5) buffer3 1 |Not| back to door1 on bottom

Filters set speed of creating vacuum, buffers below 1 can destroy gas. (first doors both let gas go somewhere hence its smaller buffer)  If you need more vacuum use more doors stringing door-filter-buffer-door/filter/buffer/filter/buffer pulling a door line off each buffer.  With this, any controller on an And with the Not gate lets the controller set the firing. image.thumb.png.825601a97697ef1e94ed5945fe86403c.png

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The gas moves into the system from the bottom right, then enters into each filter through the bridges, 2 bridges per filter.  The valve holds 1 gas in 1 gram packets moving in a circle forever over the outlets of the bridges blocking them against everything except what are already there, a 1 kilo lump of gas would hit the first bridge and 999 of it would go across the bridge while 1 gram would move to the next bridge before crossing it.  A third bridge is provided as the outlet for the filter to run where you want it.  They draw no power because they are simple throttling valves and bridges.  This still requires a pump to get the gas in the line, and my setup is all condensed because I can.  Long story short put your 2 bridges 1 on top the other, slap the valve in the middle, go from valve green to valve white by going through bridge greens, then go from valve white to filter outlet.

Feed in through bridge whites but feed bottom first



So as your gas comes along it can't cross any bridge that doesn't have the same gas waiting on the other end, or a vacuum.  The valve makes sure its always the gas and not the vacuum.  Honestly just build one and flood it and you have like, a 80% chance of it starting up filtering all on its own, then you just have to pull your outlets where you want them.
If it does mess up set that valve to 0 then to 1 a couple of times until you see the right gas in the tube

If you look back at the first picture you can see the entire thing is a loop, so resetting the 1 valve wont mess up the others and you end up with just the unfiltered gas making it around the loop to get back to your misset filter

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18 hours ago, realdead_man said:

That is nice, but:

1.  Way over my head without detailed, step by step instructions

2.  Blank blanking heck, that is worse than 5 filters

3.  Never had the materials to build that advanced stuff anyway (yet)


In case you want to try something simpler (As mechanical filters can be hard to wrap your head around if you're not sure what you're doing) then just make a loop of regular filters in a central location, like this:


Can be run on normal wire on a single transformer.  The inputs can be between any of the filters, but you'll want to make sure that the inputs to the loop have either a valve or a pipe bridge along their length or packets might try to flow out of the loop.

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