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  1. Need to go into deep space to find the item that recharges the big brainy thingy.
  2. With the introduction with the space age materials, abyssalite needs to be mixed with the space age materials to make a better insulator/conductor.
  3. Has the hydrofan been changed? Haven't used it for so long yet I noticed it cools down fast when used. Is the molecular Generator working, can't seem to do anything with it. At least they moved the Liquid/Gas reservoir back from end game tech.
  4. Oh, just thought I was going crazy there for a moment.
  5. When the game speed is set at fast or fastest, the new hope status at the beginning of the colony is tied to the game speed and expended before the first cycle is over.
  6. Considering that's there is poop on the floor, you think....nah, to the shower.
  7. Meallice also grows around Carbon Dioxide.
  8. Ugh, this version is very unstable compared to the previous versions. 3 crashes within 10 cycles.
  9. I see my hatches producing lots of coal by eating metal and minerals but haven't reach ranching yet.
  10. Just started a new game and the warning pops up that there's no food in the base and the edibles list read 0 yet I have 20 kg of nutrients bars.
  11. With research being finished before the need for exploration, they need to slow down research somehow.
  12. Ban xedlord for being nonsensical, wrong and hasn't watched a single episode of the 5000 doctor soaps broadcast daily.
  13. Ban geni0529 for robbing tv doctors of their dramatic "lost him" scene.