Insulated Pack Quality of Life Rework

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The existing insulated pack feels quite punishing to use considering its expense and being sourced from a boss.  It's even flammable.  The Hibearnation Vest is much better by my estimation. Similarly, the quality of other boss items such as the Eyebrella makes it clear the pack isn't very good for the utility and prestige a boss item should have.  Yet I love the idea behind it!

I suggest a small rework of the insulated pack to make it as desirable as the other boss' items.  Make it a smaller 4 slot pouch instead of its own pack which opens and docks to a bag when an Insulated Pouch is present in your inventory.  This behavior of docking/switching which pouch is open is controlled via right clicking a pouch which shows its contents and docks them to an existing bag for ease of access.  It otherwise works exactly as in the present, just smaller.

Alternatively if a player has a pouch but no pack, the pouches can be opened individually like extremely expensive bundling wrap sized container to prevent items being trapped inside, with a "Close" button replacing the "Wrap" button. Food items/ice/thermal stones continue to be affected as always--thus not meddling with Bundling Wrap's hugely desirable preservative properties and setting this apart as its own somewhat different storage item.

And that is the entire suggestion.  I would love to see such a version of the Insulated "Pouch" in the game and hope you consider it.


Insulated Pouch Idea.jpg

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I think this would start to tread on the bundling wrap's utility for inventory compression. Although, if the insulated pack works as you suggested, but only accepts perishable items (and removing the bundling wrap's ability to store perishables) then I could see this being quite useful while fixing the issues with both these items at once.

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