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Mod Crashing (Someone PLEASE Help!)

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for some reason everytime i launch my game with my character mod on this happens:


at first i thought it was the beard files causing this, but i took the beard away and it still happened! it tells me to check a log, but i have no idea which log to check. i looked for a fitting log but all i could find was a problem in the speech files that said something about the quote for "announce_mosquitos". i checked the speech files but things seemed fine and dandy so i have no idea what this means:


here's my mod file if anyone wishes to dig through it: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vjoi695nczbm6a6/AAA0AaR710ZakHD5xr1HUFq1a?dl=0

if someone could, PLEASE help me find the solution to this problem! it would really be greatly appreciated

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added my file
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Just now, CarlZalph said:


Lines 95 and 227 are both missing a comma at the end of the line for your speech file.

These are lines referenced to just the code portion, not any comment at the top.

Someone had told me I was wrong, of which I am not.

i checked the files now and yes i found two lines without commas

im currently about to test if that really was the problem, and im 90% sure it is, so thank you for the help! i greatly appreciate it

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it duplicated
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