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  1. Hello, does anyone know if a DST mod exists that changes the player name in chat to the character's name? For example, if I was playing Webber and I typed something into the chat, it wouldn't display "cosmicdreams: [text]" but would rather display "Webber: [text]". If a mod like this does exist, please let me know, but if a mod like this doesn't exist, would it be possible to make? Thank you for your time. [Edit: Funny enough, I stumbled upon a mod that did what I was looking for. The mod I found was called "Character Names"; however, I noticed it was a server mod. Is there a mod like this that could work as a client-only mod?]
  2. it just shuts down right away ill go try clearing it out now and see if it works @PeterA it works! guess i just have too many mods in here
  3. i added the client log, after the game crashed
  4. i cant access the mods tab in "host game" because whenever i press it, the game crashes im not sure if this is the doing of a mod or a bug on klei's side UPDATE: pressing the "server mods" tab in the "mods" tab on the menu screen crashes the game too client log: client_log_2018-04-22-02-47-28.txt
  5. for some reason, when i paused the game with the global pause mod, it did something weird to my game so here's the story: i was leaving the ruins after my small ruins clearing, and i had to leave the game for a while, so i paused it with the global pause mod i came back 30 minutes later, and everything was still paused and fine. i was still at the cave exit and with all my stuff on day 87, but as soon as i unpause, the game randomly just rolls-back i wasnt sure what was going on and i got so scared thinking all my progress was currently being thrown out the window as soon as the "rollback" ended, i saw that the day counter was on day 91, when i last recalled it being still in the 80s. rollbacks no longer worked, so i decided to try and roll it back outside the server, and now i cant even join my world anymore i wasnt sure where to post this report, so i decided to post it here, despite it being probably caused by a mod somebody please tell me what's wrong with my world and, if possible, how to fix it
  6. are the sw characters going to be ported too? because if not, will the already-in-workshop sw characters port mod work with this mod?
  7. nevermind i finally found the solution to fixing this problem my computer's clock is broken, and the time always repeats after a whole hour i need to reset the time whenever i subscribe to mods so that steam knows that it needs to download the mod files i dont know why i didnt find this out earlier!
  8. ALREADY FOUND SOLUTION TO FIXING THIS i've been having this trouble for a long time now and i have no idea what's causing whenever i subscribe to a mod, it doesnt automatically register it takes about days, weeks, months to register into my steam files so i can actually view and use it same thing goes when updates are available this is a great problem because im trying to work on a mod, and without access to other mods to look on for help, it just gets confusing on how to make what i want not only that, because of this bug i cant even play with some people with mods enabled basically i just cant enjoy the game to its full extent someone please, just please, help!