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Power and overload damage

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Hi everyone,

First post but i lurked a lot on this forum.

I tried to resolve this on my own but i think i really need some guidance about power and overload damage.

I tried to read tuto and such, but when i thought i got it, i still get overload damage.

Here's a pic of the current culprit i can't seem to resolve:


Repair cost are so high i'm running low on metal.

Can you give me a hand finding why this particular generator is always on overload ?

Thank you for your time.

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6 minutes ago, Seeker89 said:

You're using the power transformator wrong. What ever is on the left goes to the right

nah, his transfos are fine, he's just using the new reversed version in some places.  As fury1 said, it's the first wire piece connected to the generator that is not a heavy watt wire.

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12 minutes ago, Mackhdo said:

Thank you Fury1SOG and manu_x32, that was effectively the case.

The little bit of wire on both of the generator were regular wire.

I didn't saw it at first i thought it was the generator tha was damaged !

How did you managed to saw that ? oO


If you zoom the display, you can see that the wire on the generator is "thin" :p.


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