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  1. I'll just go through and answer some of these.... 1:I think there is mod called Darkness 2: I think there is a way for the WW to be cultivatable but you can get them by ships now... yay 3: Yes 4: Which buildings? 5/6: Assets are hard to mod, but I know Cairath is working on a way. 7: I don't know about this one, but there is a mod that helps see the different gas types, but I don't know which one it is. 8: don't know, I think the game keeps track... 9: hmm...maybe. 10: maybe 11:there is a mod like that... Seeker
  2. sulfur has a lot stuff that it can be made into, fertilizer and battery are just off the top.... I google it yesterday
  3. At very low temperatures Sour Gas will now condense into natural gas and sulfur Now all together.... Interesting......
  4. Last one is sounds freaky... anyone have a gif? Edit:
  5. I have thought about having the water and a bit of algae apart of the building requirements and removing them from what need to produce. like in real life. thoughts? maybe add a little bit of power to say that it collects the newly grown algae
  6. I figured out what it did. good job though. works nicely