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  1. Yup, I'm surprised they didn't fixed it yet.
  2. I'm a bit disappointed that these weren't added. Maybe on the next QOL update.
  3. At least you don't have to desconstruct before constructing.
  4. Yes, this need to be reverted. Not being able to build over regular tiles is acceptable. But it should be possible to build over doors and airflow/mesh tiles.
  5. Thanks, but I already have a mod installed that allow me to do that.
  6. Forgot to mention that I usually play using the hardest options. Or at least one level before the hardest.
  7. I usually buy rockets on cycle 800-1000. This is 266 times I can print something. Usually the reason I begin sending rockets to space is to retrieve Wheezewort. This won't be the case anymore. Adding an option on map creation to choose the chance of "rare/unusual" things to appear would be fine for me. Actually, I think this is the way to go.
  8. Wow. I don't like this. AT ALL. This and the 500kg steel make rockets pretty much useless.
  9. @Ipsquiggle You guys should take 1 update to go through all the suggestion/bug forum.