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  1. @Ipsquiggle With no particular order. 1) Please add an additional layer of liquid (and maybe gas). It's a pipe mess currently. Without mods like "longer bridges" it's even worse. 2) Add option to sync mods with save file, so we don't have to manually enable the correct mods for specific saves.. It's a pain to manually enable/disable mods every time I change to a save fale that uses different mods. 3) Optimize building ladders straight up/down. It takes way too long, as dupes only build one ladder, goes to do other stuff, and comes back later to build another. 4) Make batteries on the same circuit equalize the charges, so that they are at the same % level. It's very annoying when I add a new Smart Battery to a circuit and I have to equalize it. Either turning off all power generator or fill it up to 100%. 5) Ability to change location of the input/output of each building. 6) Ability to turn off (remove) the automation input/output of a building. Many times I can't place something (eg. liquid vent) where I want, because it would plug on the automation wire. And there's no space for automation bridges. 7) Add a building to remove germs from liquid. It could consume chlorine. 8) Replace wire bridge with conductive wire bridge in place 9) Ability to configure things before they are build (when they are still ghost). Eg. Vaves, sensor, filters, etc. 10) Limit power output of the large transformer to the limit of weaker connected wire (either input or output). 11) The game needs more options to configure it to our liking. Like factorio. Some mods that should definetly have it's functionality be vanilla (as an configurable option, in many cases): - Research Queue - Multiple Element Sensor (multiple filter too) - item pedestal preview decor info - AI Improvements - Pliers (even if it would need a duplicant interaction) - Clean Drop - Deconstruct Only Buildings - Default Building Settings (Many options this mod provides should be added to the game options) - Falling Sand - Sweep By Type - Efficient Supply - Queue for Sinks - Show Building Ranges - Build Over Plants - DoorIcons - Reset Build Priority - No Manual Delivery - Better Deselect More:
  2. Good to see some performance changes. Performance and bug fixes are the things I want more. Suggestion: Please, add a routine to make building stairs up/down more efficient. Currently they deliver/dig/build only one block, and leave, and later comes back to build another one. This is very frustrating and inefficient. They could detect that there are more to build and do it in a single chore. Also carrying more supply material from start, of course.
  3. You guys should spend a few months going through all bugs in the forum to see if they are actually already fixed. Maybe the suggestions subforum too.
  4. It should detect a dupe while operating, but it doesn't.
  5. Yup, I'm surprised they didn't fixed it yet.
  6. I'm a bit disappointed that these weren't added. Maybe on the next QOL update.
  7. At least you don't have to desconstruct before constructing.
  8. Yes, this need to be reverted. Not being able to build over regular tiles is acceptable. But it should be possible to build over doors and airflow/mesh tiles.