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  1. The ability of Auto-Sweepers to work through solid tiles makes even less sense than airflow tiles. I wouldn't be surprised if this ability is also stopped in a future update...
  2. Hatches only seem to eat resources when they are onscreen. I have set up a system for hatches to eat surplus resources, and send the resulting coal to distant generators via conveyor rail. The system correctly sends coal along the rail when the hatches are onscreen, but once the screen is moved elsewhere, the flow of coal dries up. If the screen is moved back to the hatches, they start eating resources again. New Spaceprison.sav
  3. New conveyor parts do not have corresponding filters in the Delete menu, making them extremely difficult to delete in built-up areas.
  4. The same issue happens when you are building a pipe; start laying granite pipe, and then attempt to switch to abyssalite: crash occurs.
  5. Temperature Overlays do not show gases as shown below in a comparison between AT-241659 and OI-236679. In addition, temperature seem to have problems conducting through gas. Two neighboring cells may have over a 4 degrees temp difference between them, even though there aren't any sources of heat or cold nearby. T.sav
  6. Thanks for your quick response! I've added the save game and some additional comments in the original post. The issue still occurs with AT-241153.
  7. In a closed loop system , a Thermo Regulator using hydrogen as the coolant is initially able to cool the gas by -14 degrees as described in the Utilities info panel, but once the gas completes a full loop, the TR is only able to cool the gas by -2.5 degrees. Closing the game and re-loading it again makes the TR correctly cool the gas by -14 degrees, but returns back to -2.5 degrees after the gas completes a loop again. ***Edited*** Added save file. Apologies, I should have done this earlier. You can observe the left Thermo Regulator only having a 2.5 degree difference between input and output. The right TR is ready to be primed for any additional testing. Happy Friends.sav
  8. It seems that the deconstruction crash still occurs for doors, etc placed in a save created with an older build version. A newly placed door does not crash during deconstruction. I guess we have to start a new map?
  9. Thermo Sensors placed over power wires are able to switch power lines on/off in addition to controlling Automation circuits. This can inadvertently cut a power line off when a Thermo Sensor is placed over a power wire due to layout reasons, or when multiple Thermo Sensors are daisy-chained to a single power line. Hydro Sensors and Atmo Sensors do not exhibit this behavior, and are not able to turn power lines off:
  10. When a Farm Tile or Hydroponic Farm is rotated to downward orientation, the artwork shifts one cell downwards, causing improper placement. Visually, the tile is one cell down, but the game assumes the actual tile is one tile up, causing a desync between the visual and physics of the tile. This currently prevents you from using downward oriented farms. Note how the "No seeds selected" and "No Liquid Intake" warning indicators are not in the correct location.
  11. Previously, it was possible to control the operation of an carbon skimmer by connecting switches to the power supply. (Atmo switches controlling when to turn on the skimmer, etc.) However, the skimmer does not have an input for the new automation wiring, so it is no longer controllable in any way except via power shutoffs on connected wiring.
  12. Dupes use a fire pole to very slowly climb up instead of using nearby ladders.