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So one of the biggest problems with the world generation in the game is that it is limited, as in it ends it has a border. Now there are two sides to this argument. One being that a limited world is good as it means that all resources are limited and you have to be careful how you use them, the other side is that with an unlimited world you can have your world carry on generating, adding content from the newest update meaning you don't need to restart every time an update comes out, it also means that if you have mods (if they are ever given support) they won't limit the amount of resource you get.

Now the world gen can be easily controlled with an unlimited world as you could do as within 1 - 100 blocks or meters away from the printing pods copper could spawn or be generated. 101 - 200 blocks or meters, gold could spawn. Or whatever is chosen.


Another idea I had is that the infinite world could be in forms of other asteroids, so you could make a rocket and fuel (which would be expensive) and you could go to another asteroid and start a base there, but to transfer the resources to and from the asteroids would be very expensive meaning that it would be a very late game thing, if it is ever worth doing it. This could be a way you limited your resource without making mods reduce the number of resources you can get.


I am not saying that this is the answer to world generation this is simply a suggestion.

Hopefully, you like my idea,

and I would love to hear your ideas on the concept.

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