Suggestion: The Werecat

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So, I've adopted a kitten. She's black. She's mean. And her name is Pandora.

AND she inspired me... so I created this:

(I'll put all the images I end up posting here in spoilers, to save space...)


"They are just cute kitty cats..."

But when the sun sets, they start to suffer from a strange disease... their third eye opens and they start to suffer, not able to move until the night is at its darkest, and then... they change. They become giant, bloodthirsty beasts that kill anything that moves and have a convenient taste for human flesh.

They can drop whatever you guys feel like making them drop. But, if I may suggest something...

They should drop a special item, that you have to collect a certain amount to make a collar. With that collar you can tame one of these little kitties, and it would follow you, mabe help you pick up items, maybe carry a small sack with 2 item slots... I don't know. But once they are tamed, they can't transform anymore, and thus should be pretty good company.

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[polite] First potential problem is that, and this is with anything at night, when it starts to attack you you have to stay near the fire, meaning your either going to have to be prepared or it's going to have to be a weak creature. Second, your going to be a crazy kitten murdering psycho, not your best look. Not trying to be critical or anything it's a cool idea I just think there could be some issues with it.:):):):) [/polite]

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