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How to make a gas type detection sensor

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In some situations you might want to detect the presence of a certain type of gas. However, the game does not directly have a gas type sensor.

The solution is to use automation to trigger a gas pump for a second or two at certain intervals... say 6-10 times per cycle. Run that through a gas filter set to the gas type you want to detect (or use a mechanical filter). Vent that into a small room with only an atmo-sensor and a pump. At the presence of the gas set by the filter the atmo-sensor triggers. You use this trigger for whatever purpose you need and it also triggers the pump to run until it's a vacuum again resetting the sensor.

Pretty simple stuff really but I haven't seen it posted or used anywhere although a few people have mentioned it would be nice to have.

2017-11-09 (2).png

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This can be useful in some situations. For example if you want to move out unwanted gases from your base that only occur in small doses.

In my current base I have a small setup for the heavy non-CO2 gases next to a skimmer that pump and filter chlorine and natural gas away into dump-storage. I didn't bother to calculate/estimate the up-time for this so I just hooked it up to a battery and two low priority wheels, so idling dupes can use it now and then. I call it the "fart mover".

This device here could be used in the automation update to specifically tell duplicants to do something when a gas appears. For example my fart mover would only be used when there is a sufficient amount of natural gas in my base. The wire to the battery could be cut off on standby, and on activation it would drain the battery.

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