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skins offline

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 I'll leave a translation of what he said here, in case someone wants to say something:
"Hello Klei, I would like to play with my skins while together is offline. My internet is not good and I would love to play with my skins. Thank you"

Btw, I think this is the wrong subsection of the forum, maybe "Suggestions and feedback" would be more fitting?
I don't know d:

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The way skins work, unfortunately, it isn't possible to use them offline as it requires a connection to your Steam inventory to even access them.

Translation to Portugese (with Google):

A maneira como as peças funcionam, infelizmente, não é possível usá-las offline, pois exige uma conexão com o inventário do Steam para acessá-los.

Desculpe pelo meu idioma ruim, usei um tradutor.

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