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Help with custom craftings


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I am making a shipwrecked character that has wickerbottom's ability to craft books, but every time i craft one it immediately disappears! what do i have to do?


local fn = function(inst)

	local booktab = {str = STRINGS.TABS.BOOKS, sort=999, icon = "tab_book.tex"}

	Recipe("book_birds", {Ingredient("papyrus", 2), Ingredient("bird_egg", 2)}, booktab, {SCIENCE = 0, MAGIC = 0, ANCIENT = 0})
	Recipe("book_gardening", {Ingredient("papyrus", 2), Ingredient("seeds", 1), Ingredient("poop", 1)}, booktab, {SCIENCE = 1})
	Recipe("book_sleep", {Ingredient("papyrus", 2), Ingredient("nightmarefuel", 2)}, booktab, {MAGIC = 2})
	Recipe("book_brimstone", {Ingredient("papyrus", 2), Ingredient("redgem", 1)}, booktab, {MAGIC = 3})

    if SaveGameIndex:IsModeShipwrecked() then
   		Recipe("book_meteor", {Ingredient("papyrus", 2), Ingredient("obsidian", 2)}, booktab, {SCIENCE = 3})
      	Recipe("book_tentacles", {Ingredient("papyrus", 2), Ingredient("tentaclespots", 1)}, booktab, {SCIENCE = 3})



i have noticed that if i spawn the books using too many items it still disappears in the same way

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