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Limited Time (oh plz no)


Forge Replacement  

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  1. 1. Should Klei add a 24/7/365 forge "like" event e. g. King Pig arena (instead of Forge Chests you would get normal gifts or spools for leveling)

    • I would love to see gamemode like this
    • Yeah but it's not really important
    • Not really

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I really enjoyed The Forge beta version and I'm very sad that it's going to be time limited event only.

I understand that there are important reasons for this but I really would love to see a 24/7/365 PvE mode. 

I came up with a Pig King arena mode that would work the same way as The Forge but would be avialable all year  (and drops would be just normal gifts instead of Forge Chests)

Probably it will never happen but I just wanted to suggest my idea as the forum name says.


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