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You can try to use a loop to apply that line of code to everyone (I'll just assume that your line of code is correct, so I won't check it by itself.) For example this should do your trick:

for i, v in ipairs(AllPlayers) do v.WaveComponent:SetWaveTexture(resolvefilepath("images/lavaarena_wave.tex")) end

v should be the variable containing the actual player id. If it isn't and this doesn't work you can try

for i, v in ipairs(AllPlayers) do AllPlayers[i].WaveComponent:SetWaveTexture(resolvefilepath("images/lavaarena_wave.tex")) end 

where i is the index number of each player, and AllPlayers[] is the array of all players that gives you the player at that specific position in the list.

"TheWorld" doesn't work because it only affects the world file, not the players. (The world can't wave (I assume that's what you are trying there.)) "inst" is the currectly used instance of an object like a player, animal, tool, etc. you name it. (These ones just for clarification why it didn't work ;) )

Edit: Keep in mind though, that you have to apply this every time someone joins the game. Otherwise the people that joined after you issued that command will have the default wave texture again. This is also the case for people rejoining the game after they left, even if they got modified before. If you want to change that permanently you should take a look at modding the game.

Also make sure that when you paste the command into the console that you have the "Remote: " in front of it.

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