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qustion about the api documentation

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hello there was talking to a mate of mine thats trying to help me with my mods and he was saying something about if there was a propper documentation  of the modding api it woud be a lot easyer .....and after searching for a bit ive only found a unnoffical modding api documentation thats now closed down....

so dose any 1 know if/where/how to find a proper documentation of DST modding api?

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I don't know any.

The best is to use notepad++ and simply search for game/mod code, that do similar things you want to do.
See here how to search:

You should also take a look at lua files directly in the scripts folder.
There you have scripts like entityscript, util, modutil, prefab, recipe/s and many more, which show you how everything works or some useful functions and what they do.

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we have been doing that but it seems like what im trying to do no 1 else has done befor (to the same exstent)
so trying to find code that allready dose it is hard in it self XD on top of that ive just found out that adding a inventroy to my mod like a 2en backpack dosent mean it will open propperly if im playing with my 360 controller

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beleave ive used that when starting with me mod (mosto f the guild me found was for DS not DST so ofc no where told me to put in the addnetworking() thingy and that was hte biggest problem for like 3 weeks in till me came to the forums XD) 

including that 1 u posted ive been using 

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=350811795 (soulmates) (this was after finding out about the add networking thing)


this 1 bc it showed how to use splitter

a but load of these


ive even used some player made mods for refrance and code snipping

onces that come to mind is

frostmonger (something to do with WoW just know its a sword)

somebodys sword mod cant remember the name right now

dora the explorer (was snipping the script from boots to give my items a inventory)


so ya befor this gets to long ive been searching everywhere and still having troble making what me want to work...work

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