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  1. ok so in the 31 boxes me got bc of the BETA ive got 3 gladator skins so YAY FINERLY GOT CHARTER SKINS!!! 2 willson 1 winona .....sweet
  2. its just something very very minnor just thort ill ask im using a lefthanded mouse so the buttions are invirted but the game dosent know this and its telling me to click the RMB to eat (un)equpited ...when its the LMB that dose that
  3. as u posted that was in a match where some 1 told me the adds and finle boss spawns depending on how low the boarillas hp gets so dang our dps must be high if thats the case XD
  4. is it just me or ever since this update (well really its getting more and more with each update date) the round where the 2 boarillas spawn (dont now there new name if they have 1 ive just got the old names memorized) its just turned in to a spawn every thing at once to make it "harder" ???????
  5. heres a qustion will me beable to just add the monkey tag to 1 of my modded charters to make the primapes in this mod auto befriend just like willbur in dssw ?