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Sharp fonts?

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Hi game developers!

Your game is awesome, but there is a little thing that need to be improve - is game fonts. It is hard to read, very blurry. My eyes is hard to focusing on that fonts. I don't know what is problem, may be bitmap font baked with heavy anti-aliasing options or game render text to screen with heavy AA. But it very blurry. May be you can may option in preferences, to turn off font antialiasing or use wise aliasing like on picture I've attached to this post.



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7 hours ago, Botaxalim said:

Im okay with current font, smooth edge like photoshop

Maybe you could play with UI size

Photoshop has bad Anti-aliasing types, all types are blurry, except type "none". This is applicable for low size fonts like 10,12,14. Best AA for this sizes are hinting method that not available in photoshop. As you can see at screenshot above anti-aliasing type for font in game has not at least one sharp line or edge. This like you apply photoshop filter Blur for text.

I look at Unity3D documentation, and find that it can be fixed - just change font rendering method:


Now question is hear developer my voice or not. Hope they can do it. This is very important for humanity. Sharp text - good focus - healthy eyes.

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Honestly I don't think the game fonts are the issue, rather it's the text size that's hard for you to read. Fonts are usually vector based and therefore kind of can't be blurry on their own since that happens more with bitmaps. 

if I'm not mistaken, the main fonts the game uses are roboto and graystroke, neither of which are blurry if you actually look at them in use and at their base otf/ ttf form.



if the text is too small, then I'd recommend increasing the window size if it isn't fullscreen or seeing if the devs could implement some increased text-size feature

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I made a little investigation for small texts in game - if it used roboto font, then it is problem with AA. It has not hinting and it's look terrible at 1920x1080 fullscreen (UI scale 100%). Look at screen shot - word "Duplicant" - it have not sharp edges. Arial fort below (I type for example and fill green)  looks sharp  and more readable then roboto... don't you agree?!



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Is there some ability to make mod for game replacing original font with new ones?

If new fonts would be sharp, then problem in font, if not, then problem is in game text rendering options. As I say in previous post:


Font rendering mode constants for TrueTypeFontImporter.


Smooth Use Anti-Aliased Font rendering. When using dynamic fonts, this is the mode which is fastest in rendering font textures.
HintedSmooth Use Anti-Aliased Font rendering with hinting. This forces character lines to run along pixel boundaries, and generally produces.
HintedRaster Use hinted font rendering without anti-aliasing. This is the crispest font rendering option, and may be most readable for small.
OSDefault Use the OS default font rendering mode. This selects either FontRenderingMode.HintedSmooth or.
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