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  1. I tried to translate the game into BENGALI language. I found out that it doesn't show them at all. Instead all I can see is a lot of square. Screenshot included.
  2. Letter issue. Squares instead of letters.

    @krop It's not added yet. here is current situation. Is there any alternate way to achieve this??
  3. Letter issue. Squares instead of letters.

    here is the strings.po file. the game also deletes it after a run. strings.po
  4. I am very disappointed that KLEI could not make enough time to add bengali letter in game. It since a year. no reply also.
  5. i was thinking to add my language (bengali). at the moment the game doesn't support bengali, and only shows squares instead of letters. not much people may use this language anyway. but let me know if you are going to add support for BENGALI. I will be happy to see my language.