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Normalize your stored Abyssalite to the same color / temperature

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It is possible to normalize all of your stored abyssalite to nearly the same or exactly the same temperature using the storage compactosr. So if you're a little OCD with the abyssalite tile colors when you build, ... make a note to yourself:

There's an abridged stacking-storage mechanism in the compactor that handles temperature differences of like items and it runs a quick thermal equation on them that completely disregards their conductivity or thermal properties ( it's better this way ). I had the equation figured out, but lost it in my notes.. important part, it's not keeping track of anything but the stack size, germs, and temperature of the stack as a whole. Dumping it on the floor as one massive pile is probably good too.

So I suppose you can ignore the math and just remember that the storage compactors are ignoring thermal properties of elements when they're being stored - it takes the ratio of weight and applies this as a thermal determination ( averaging by weight ). The result is a function of the ratio of mass multiplied by the thermal difference to determine the temperature of the final stack.

I started with 16t of reddish Abyssalite at 32c and added 4.5t at -8.5c. The result was two stacks at  ~24.5c after a bit of simple dump shuffling and priority fiddling with compactors set up to handle only abyssalite.


So basically consolidate your stores of it, dump it out, shuffle it around a little, and it will all be very nearly the same color.

So you can batch dig and store it, shuffle it around, then enjoy building with it. You can then overbuild or upgrade in place with the normalized tiles for a color-circus free thermal overlay experience.

If you wish you had know this before, then just regrade your sore spots to another material type, and the regrade them back to the desired abyssalite. Probably not as easy to do with pipes, etc.

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4 hours ago, SusanMcO said:

<3  Aesthetics! 

I may have literally deconstucted every piece of wiring in a section to rewire it so it would look prettier.  >.> <.< >.>

I've taken that one step further, and rewired sections so the wire would spell out over each section, what section it was.  

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