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Un-ignorable Users (Update - Fixed)


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I'll start with an apology, that being I don't know if this is the correct section for this post. I'm choosing this forum as what I'm reporting might be a bug with the recent forum upgrade. But it could equally be a feature that is working as designed, an oversight, or simply a question I have about the forum that I am curious about. But I'm edging towards the first (bug), so posting it here due to that. Although as I said I apologise if this isn't the right section for this. Anyways...

Yesterday, I was reading the ONI forum and was interested in reading more a particular user's posts (user: Michi01 https://forums.kleientertainment.com/profile/561197-michi01/ ). So I hovered my mouse over their user name to use the "Find Content" option from the pop-up context menu, but I was surprised to see that the "Ignore User" option was missing (the "Message" and "Find Content" options were both there as expected). I had no desire to ignore this user, but I was never-the-less curious about why the "Ignore User" option was unavailable. So the cat in me became curious and I went searching for other un-ignorable users. I wasn't at all surprised to discover that I couldn't ignore any Moderators, for obvious reasons. Although I was very surprised that I was allowed to ignore Administrators. So I proceeded to ignore JoeW as a test, and thereafter all of JoeW's posts were successfully filtered from my view (until I undid the change).

Still curious, I kept looking and looking for another un-ignorable user who wasn't a moderator. I searched and searched without success, that is until I found user: Mobbstar https://forums.kleientertainment.com/profile/390644-mobbstar/ , who is another non-moderator who is un-ignorable. At this point I ended my search, satisfied that I had found "another one", but still curious as to why these users are un-ignorable, and so I've created this thread to find the rest of the answer and/or to report a bug. (and just to be clear again. I have no intention of ignoring the users I've mentioned, and my mentioning them is purely in relation to the un-ignorable status).


To summarise:

- Should users be allowed to ignore Administrators? (this seems like a bug or oversight to me, as if Moderators are un-ignorable then logically Administrators should be as well).

- There are regular Registered Users, or users who appear to be just regular Registered Users, who are un-ignorable. (Is this intentional? A bug? Or an oversight or holdover from some previous state? (ie. I'm too new to the forum to know its history, but one obvious theory is that these users are former Moderators who have since reverted back to Registered User status , but for whatever reason retained their un-ignorable status (bug, oversight, intentional, a reward, ???)).


Thank you for your time in reading this. 


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Happy to help. And good job I remembered to un-ignore you after using you as my test subject, as I might have missed your reply otherwise :D (so is being able to ignore Admins intentional then?)


Edit - Impressive speed on the fix. As I just checked both things I reported and the un-ignorable users I mentioned are now ignorable, along with Administrators no longer having an off-switch.

Oh well. The revolution was fun while it lasted, but guess we all have to start listening to the Admins again now then :( 

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