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Yet another thread on food...

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Alright, so duplicants require 2000 kcal per day, as a rule of thumb. Or do they?

After transitioning into mushrooms as a food source with a bit of pepper bread and frostbun, I noticed something interesting in my daily reports - I can see who ate what for any cycle and what cycle they ate, and how much they're eating in kcals. Nice.

What's bizarre is that each dupe isn't eating every cycle - they're now eating only slightly more than 2kcal every other cycle.

...and now mushrooms and other food is piling up.

I think this was brought on by the calorimeters dropping below 2k kcal when they slept. Or is better food that much better? 

Food for thought. Check out your dailies.

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its 1000 per day but its a delay cause they poop first, wash hands, take food, carry to the mesh table, or just a free tile with oxygen, then eat it, so the delay adds up, they got a stomach of 4000 but they got hungry under 2000? so the technical maximum is 3500 which is 86%, i used to set rations on 1500, its more effective if your food is in stack always, which you can make sure of if you prioritize fridge/box at 7 at least

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