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  1. It is worth going to about 300 cycles. You encounter some interesting problems related to heat on that timescale that you don't see in the first 100 cycles. After that I agree that the game is basically just sandbox, and not a very interesting sandbox at that.
  2. That last step about cooling the steam through the thermoregulators can't possibly work because the steam will condense in the gas pipe, thereby breaking it.
  3. If all fluids except dupe inhalation and exhalation and natural fluids were in pipes, that would be most of the post-research game pretty much automatically solved. The only way to make that work would be to pass the difficulty somewhere else: for example, you could dramatically increase the power cost of an electrolyzer (seeing as getting its outputs into a pipe consumes 600W total and some people still prefer to do it that way).
  4. Thanks for that. Is that in addition to the baseline 2W or so that it puts out, or total?
  5. The old solution was at its heart based around exploiting a bug. You'd cool the hydrogen in a thermoregulator and then cut the thermoregulator off after that, and then the hydrogen would stay cold forever provided you kept it in motion, despite consuming heat from the surroundings. You could leave the thermoregulator on if you wanted, using the same cold hydrogen to cool it off, but there was not really any point to doing so. Klei says this bug is gone, and thermoregulators still emit a lot of heat (though I think less than they consume even now). Without this bug, you're dependent on wheezeworts and voids. You can use thermoregulators as essentially a way to move heat from various areas to where your wheezeworts and/or void are, but that's about the extent of their utility now. And even that utility is quite limited, because as has been mentioned, heat conduction is slow in ONI. You are better off just not generating much heat to begin with, keeping your hot water pool outside your base, moving your hot water in abyssalite pipes, and using wheezeworts where you do generate considerable heat (e.g. near electrolyzers). Unrelated: decor expectation maxes out at +50.
  6. It IS based on travel time. That's why the weirder problems happen in the first place. Pure distance pathfinding would be much simpler and more predictable. The problem, as I've mentioned in another thread on this subject, is that you generally can't do full optimization in a real time game, especially one with variable environments. So you have to use some heuristics at some stage of the calculation. Sometimes these heuristics give results that are far from optimal. The heuristics in ONI still need work, but that doesn't mean the pathfinding isn't even based in travel time.
  7. [Game Update] - 218235

    Did you actually start the game running, or is this from the pause screen right at the start?
  8. [Game Update] - 218235

    The problem I've always had is keeping them ventilated; if you're not careful they seem to create low gas pressure around themselves for some reason, and it's not really clear to me why that happens.
  9. The decor expectation maxes out at 50 anyway. It's feasible to satisfy that, though you may need some days off from dig sites from time to time.
  10. Farming tutorial

    The basic food tutorial now is "Put 3 pots of Sleet Wheat per dupe in a cold biome. Cook Frost Buns and replant as needed. Don't let the cold biome overheat. Try to keep some gas there. Eat what you can before your first harvest." The hard part is getting your first 25 Sleet Wheat Grain, surviving until you have it, and surviving until your first harvest. Also, I think the game doesn't have a tutorial yet because it's nowhere near feature complete, and because a lot of things are explained in the item descriptions.
  11. What does this look like, exactly?
  12. Pipes Blocked?

    Sleet wheat grows just fine in a cold pot. 1 seed yields 8 cycles' rations for 1 dupe (subtracting off the re-planting), and they take 20 cycles to grow if they don't get stifled, so in theory 2.5 pots per dupe is enough. 3 gives a safety net for stifling and also allows you to expand each harvest. The only challenge is finding a grown sleet wheat plant in the wild. I don't find the new agriculture mechanics self-motivating, so I don't bother with them.
  13. It'd be better if it were a bit more consistent. Maybe manual switches are OK (since they can be replaced by thermo/atmo switches) but why are valves manual then?
  14. Pipes Blocked?

    Your purifier pipe is not actually connected to your lavatory pipe, and in fact appears to be connected to a vent for some reason. Also, there is a water packet in the pipe to the lavatory on the right, which you will need to remove. Also, I wouldn't bother to use a purifier on your lavatory anyway. Here are a few reasons: You can't run it closed loop, because a lavatory makes more polluted water than the water it produces. A purifier emits a lot of heat, takes significant power, and requires sand, a finite resource. Polluted water is useful for fertilizer (at least if you're using fertilizer, which you don't actually need to do in the AU release). It won't even save you that much water. A dupe (with neither Diver's Lungs nor Mouth Breather nor Small Bladder) needs 5 kg of water to excrete each cycle, vs. 75 kg to breathe. So the lavatory is only 6.25% of the total. Purifying lavatory water could be useful in a lean min/max build (6.25% water savings = 6.67% more dupes on the same number of geysers), but otherwise it's not doing you much good.
  15. Is that just dupe CO2 or counting generator CO2? Dupe CO2 should not be that much, about 4 kg/cycle per dupe. Lavatories are a lot more than that. Gas and coal generators though...