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  1. I think the slower pace was better than before, actually. My problem in my OU colony was only that I had at least two cycles in a row where all three of my dupes were either taking care of their basic needs, researching, or hauling research materials. That's like 10 minutes of both not doing anything myself, nor watching my dupes do something custom. Arguably, that's my own damn fault for staying at 3 dupes, except I didn't have my food stabilized yet, so I wasn't comfortable increasing my food load for a bit. Really though, research should be slow enough that you actually want to use the stuff you've researched as you research it. As it stands, the only urgent techs are Farming and Interior Decor. You could grab those, get your farm and paintings built, and then just wait for all the other research to finish before you do anything else. An example of a problem that would create this dynamic would be running out of algae. This would pressure you to get Percolation on a reasonable timeframe and get those electrolyzers running.
  2. Did you actually start the game running, or is this from the pause screen right at the start?
  3. The problem I've always had is keeping them ventilated; if you're not careful they seem to create low gas pressure around themselves for some reason, and it's not really clear to me why that happens.