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Optional inputs / outputs

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Here's an idea: certain machines may have input and / or output slots which are marked as 'optional'. As the name implies, the machine will still function even if optional connections are not in place, but if they are, they provide some sort of bonus or additional functionality to the machine

For example, an optional input gas slot on the water purifier to pipe in chlorine gas will kills germs as well as converting polluted water to pure water. Algae terrariums and micromushers could have an optional input water pipe so dupes don't need to fetch them water. Piping natural gas into the electric grill reduces its power requirements to zero and speeds up cooking times

Electrolysers, on the other hand, could have an optional output pipe for hydrogen, while coal power generators could have one for carbon dioxide 

You get the idea :)

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On 10/2/2017 at 3:34 AM, Tobruk said:

If so when player uses such optional input/output, the power requirement of the machine should go up.

Not necessarily, the machines can be presumed to have an internal pump anyhow. I.e. the electrolyzer is already a pump, and a couple of gas vents all in one place, utilizing the optional output simply bypasses the integrated vent. May be utilized as an upgrade to the existing electrolyzer as it will enable to overcome the pressure restriction of the electrolyzer

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