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The cycle of Life

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Having lots of fun with this mini 3 dupes "semi" closed loop ecosystem.


morb poops po2, puft eats po2, puft poops slime, dusk cap eats slime

pacu poops fertilizer, hatch eats fertilizer, hatch poops coal, coal generator eats coal

pacu lays eggs, dupe fishes pacu, coal generator poops power, electric grill eats power

dupe cooks delicious fish and fried mushroom plate



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12 minutes ago, tecnix said:

hey, how you make the pacu?


You can't really fish yet though, you have to attack the pacu and then convert it to meat.  Fishing will be fun. I hope they have a continuous fishing mode and nice animations.  

I didn't realize we need pepper nuts to cook barbeque, so I extended a bit. ;)   Using the wild growth pincha plants so I don't need  ph2o or phosphorite.


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