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More significance for printing (or not)

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At this time, printing new dupes gives all existing dupes nice buff. True.

However this buff is not a game changer. It is merely noticeable bonus.

It would be nice additional challenge to the game if printing the dupe would instantly lower stress of all dupes in the colony (of course in addition to actual buff which is simply adorable -> New Friend ^^) by, let's say 10%.

But! Not printing the dupe (rejecting) would instantly increase stress of the colony by 10% and gives dupes debuff accordingly, let's say 'Depression'. After one cycle without decision, printing pod would close and recognise no action as rejection.

Each time pod becomes active, there would be really game changing decision to make. Sometimes saving colony, sometimes leading it to a doom.

But there wouldn't be indifferent decisions anymore. :)

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