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Way to make textures for only specific symbol

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Hello, if someone can help me with this that'd be great :D!

So, I was wondering if there's a way I can make a texture which works like skins.. For example a hand skin changes the character's hand texture & doesn't require textures for headbase, upper_arm, ect..

Like my character's outfit can have a gem put into it! The problem is every one of these textures were his clothes has a different gem have an entire texture dedicated to itself, even though the only texture actually being changed is the torso. So, because of that my character has replica textures of everything which isn't a torso texture * 8! 

Now the real problem is my character has a LOT more stuff like this & this was only 1 example & since every one of these textures has to have all body parts (face, head, arm, leg, ect.) for it to work it's make my mod over 50 MB when for real it could only be like 5 MB without duplicate textures....

So, is there a way I can make textures like how dst skins are & only need to swap 1 part of the character's textures like "torso" or "face" instead of having 1 texture build for every single pixel I change?

 Plus, it's very inconvenient having so many textures which are 90% identical bloat my mod so much that it's even hard to move my folder on my desktop around or send a copy to a friend...

I really hope somebody can help me with this :D!! Thanks for reading my problem, have a wonderful day/night :wilson_laugh:!!!

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If I understand properly what you want to do then what I would do is make one build for the character in its most simple form.

Then create separate symbols for the different parts which might change and in your code manipulate the AnimState with OverrideSymbol and other functions like that. I posted somewhere not such a long time ago the procedure to get the list of all the functions available for AnimState. The names of these functions are usually self explanatory and you can test them in-game.

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From my understanding doesn't OverrideSymbol make it whatever you override with stays that thing you changed it to forever until you get rid of the override?

Like would there be a way I can override Wilson to have Willow's torso & I wouldn't have to put codes for it to switch between different Willow torso for every single animation that changes the torso animation from torso-0 or does it not work like that & it just like swapping texture for 1 body part of entity :)?

If so do you know how I can do this code for OverrideSymbol & how to get rid of it?

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You can call also ClearOverrideSymbol to revert it back to default for instance.

I know there is a function member of AnimState which is dealing with skins so you could maybe use this one. It requires a bit of trial and error but that's definitely possible.

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