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[SOLVED] Need a little help with character mod (retrieving mod config in character prefab)

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How to make GetModConfigData(config_option_name,ModIndex:GetModActualName(name_of_a_mod_as_in_modinfo)) work in scripts/prefab/character_prefab.lua or load user config to it other way?

Hello there :)

I'm working on a simple character mod tweak - not really for myself (at least for now) but it'll surely come in handy in future. I want to implement options allowing users to change all character stats (health, hunger, sanity, movement speed, resistance, should it get starting items).

What I struggle with is the issue of retrieving configuration_options from character prefab - I know at to load configuration option you use function


The issue is - obviously:


modname must be supplied manually if calling GetModConfigData from outside of modmain or modworldgenmain. Use ModIndex:GetModActualName(fancyname) function [fancyname is name string from modinfo].

I understand that from places other than modmain or modworldgenmain I should retrieve configuration options with


Now then - here the issue. Doing that will result with


[00:05:13]: [string "../mods/character_mods/scripts/prefabs/character_prefab.lua"]:58: variable 'ModIndex' is not declared
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
=[C]:-1 in (global) error (C) <-1--1>
scripts/strict.lua:23 in () ? (Lua) <21-26>
   t = table: 11340518
   n = ModIndex
../mods/sweepy/scripts/prefabs/sweepy.lua:58 in (upvalue) master_postinit (Lua) <50-75>
   inst = 109881 -  (valid:true)
scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:1917 in (field) fn (Lua) <1623-1958>
   inst = 109881 -  (valid:true)
scripts/mainfunctions.lua:175 in () ? (Lua) <164-206>
   name = sweepy
   prefab = Prefab sweepy - 
=[C]:-1 in (method) SendSpawnRequestToServer (C) <-1--1>
scripts/mainfunctions.lua:1289 in (local) cb (Lua) <1287-1290>

Adding this

local ModIndex:GetModActualName = require "modindex"

to character prefab results with


[string "../mods/character_mod/scripts/prefabs/character_prefab.lua"]:2: unexpected symbol near ':'

LUA ERROR stack traceback:
        =[C] in function 'assert'
        =(tail call) ?
        =[C] in function 'xpcall'
        scripts/mods.lua(593,1) in function 'RegisterPrefabs'
        scripts/gamelogic.lua(226,1) in function 'LoadAssets'
        scripts/gamelogic.lua(840,1) in function 'LoadSlot'
        scripts/gamelogic.lua(896,1) in function 'DoResetAction'
        scripts/gamelogic.lua(942,1) in function 'complete_callback'
        scripts/upsell.lua(27,1) in function 'UpdateGamePurchasedState'
        =[C] in function 'GetPersistentString'
        scripts/saveindex.lua(250,1) in function 'Load'
        scripts/gamelogic.lua(982,1) in function 'callback'
        scripts/playerprofile.lua(853,1) in function 'Set'
        =[C] in function 'GetPersistentString'
        scripts/playerprofile.lua(712,1) in function 'Load'
        scripts/gamelogic.lua(981,1) in main chunk
        =[C] in function 'require'

Which is understandable (that's how Lua works, right?)

Here comes my question: how to use GetModActualName in scripts/prefab/character_prefab.lua or how to pass mod config values to it, in a way that starting items and stats of character could be configured?


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Almost right. I don't retrieve it in modmain.lua since it would be useless for me - I'm asking how to retrieve it in prefab script (of character).

What for: I want character to have customizable stats and starting items (true/false for items) ^_^"

EDIT: I tried retrieving them in modmain.lua and adding:

function statsload (inst)
    if IsServer then
        inst.cohp = GetModConfigData("oheatlh")
        inst.cohu = GetModConfigData("ohunger")
        inst.cosa = GetModConfigData("osanity")
        inst.cosi = GetModConfigData("ostinve")
AddPrefabPostInit("character_prefab", statsload)

and then retrieving it by calling within scripts/prefabs/character_prefab.lua:

local function master_postinit(inst)
    if inst.cosi and inst.cosi == false then --was set previously
        start_inv = { }
return MakePlayerCharacter("character_prefab", prefabs, assets, common_postinit, master_postinit, start_inv)

but, unfortunately, AddPrefabPostInit() is called AFTER prefab is initialized so inst.cohp, inst.cohu, inst.cosa and inst.cosi were all nil at master_postinit() (at least that's why I think they were nil).

Also, this forum post editor is kind of unfriendly so I always have to manually remove weird formatting by copy-pasting to-from Notepad++... :p

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Easy fix but maybe not the smartest.

In your modmain.lua create a new global empty table, i.e.MushaModConfig. Then retrieve the mod config and store it in this new global table.

Retrieve this global table in your prefab script and access the values.

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First of all: sorry about using prefab name "musha" - I was writing my previous attempts from memory and used postmaster_init found in Musha mod ^_^"

Thank you, ZupaleX! This was so simple (although I didn't understand you for like 15 minutes - I'm a total lua beginner)...

Working code for future visitors (hopefuly now properly obfuscated):


name = "<your mod name here>"
description = "<your mod description here>"
author = "<your name here>"
version = "<mod version here - use x.y.z format like 1.2.3>"
forumthread = "/files/file/<your mod file page on forum here>"
api_version = 10
dst_compatible = true
dont_starve_compatible = false
reign_of_giants_compatible = false
all_clients_require_mod = true
icon_atlas = "modicon.xml"
icon = "modicon.tex"
server_filter_tags = { "character_prefab" }
configuration_options =
    name = "config_option_health",
    label = "Health",
    hover = "Set character_prefab health",
    options = {
      {description = "100", data = 100},
      {description = "130", hover = "default", data = 130},
      {description = "150", data = 150},
      {description = "175", data = 175},
    default = 130,
    name = "config_option_hunger",
    label = "Hunger",
    hover = "Set character_prefab health",
    options = {
      {description = "150", data = 150},
      {description = "180", hover = "default", data = 180},
      {description = "200", data = 200},
      {description = "250", data = 250},
    default = 180,
    name = "config_option_sanity",
    label = "Sanity",
    hover = "Set character_prefab health",
    options = {
      {description = "150", data = 150},
      {description = "200", data = 200},
      {description = "250", hover = "default", data = 250},
      {description = "300", data = 300},
    default = 250,
    name = "config_option_items",
    label = "Starts with items",
    hover = "character_prefab will start game with items",
    options = {
      {description = "yes", hover = "default", data = 1},
      {description = "no", data = 0},
    default = 1,


PrefabFiles = {

Assets = {
    Asset( "IMAGE", "images/saveslot_portraits/character_prefab.tex" ),
    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/saveslot_portraits/character_prefab.xml" ),
    Asset( "IMAGE", "images/selectscreen_portraits/character_prefab.tex" ),
    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/selectscreen_portraits/character_prefab.xml" ),    
    Asset( "IMAGE", "images/selectscreen_portraits/character_prefab.tex" ),
    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/selectscreen_portraits/character_prefab.xml" ),
    Asset( "IMAGE", "bigportraits/character_prefab.tex" ),
    Asset( "ATLAS", "bigportraits/character_prefab.xml" ),    
    Asset( "IMAGE", "images/map_icons/character_prefab.tex" ),
    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/map_icons/character_prefab.xml" ),    
    Asset( "IMAGE", "images/avatars/avatar_character_prefab.tex" ),
    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/avatars/avatar_character_prefab.xml" ),    
    Asset( "IMAGE", "images/avatars/avatar_ghost_character_prefab.tex" ),
    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/avatars/avatar_ghost_character_prefab.xml" ),    
    Asset( "IMAGE", "images/avatars/self_inspect_character_prefab.tex" ),
    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/avatars/self_inspect_character_prefab.xml" ),    
    Asset( "IMAGE", "images/names_character_prefab.tex" ),
    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/names_character_prefab.xml" ),    
    Asset( "IMAGE", "bigportraits/character_prefab_none.tex" ),
    Asset( "ATLAS", "bigportraits/character_prefab_none.xml" ),

local require = GLOBAL.require
STRINGS.CHARACTER_TITLES.character_prefab = "Character_prefab"
STRINGS.CHARACTER_NAMES.character_prefab = "Character_prefab"
STRINGS.CHARACTER_DESCRIPTIONS.character_prefab = "<your character description here>"
STRINGS.CHARACTER_QUOTES.character_prefab = "\"Character_prefab\""
STRINGS.CHARACTERS.CHARACTER_PREFAB = require "speech_character_prefab"
STRINGS.NAMES.character_prefab = "Esc"
TUNING.CHARACTER_PREFAB_MODCONFIGDATA["health"] = GetModConfigData("config_option_health")
TUNING.CHARACTER_PREFAB_MODCONFIGDATA["hunger"] = GetModConfigData("config_option_hunger")
TUNING.CHARACTER_PREFAB_MODCONFIGDATA["sanity"] = GetModConfigData("config_option_sanity")
TUNING.CHARACTER_PREFAB_MODCONFIGDATA["sitems"] = GetModConfigData("config_option_items")
-- Add mod character to mod character list. Also specify a gender. Possible genders are MALE, FEMALE, ROBOT, NEUTRAL, and PLURAL.
AddModCharacter("character_prefab", "NEUTRAL")


local MakePlayerCharacter = require "prefabs/player_common"
local assets = {
    Asset("SCRIPT", "scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua")
local prefabs = {}
local start_inv = {"spear", "bandage", "bandage"}
local function onbecamehuman(inst)
    -- Set speed when reviving from ghost (optional)
    inst.components.locomotor:SetExternalSpeedMultiplier(inst, "character_prefab_speed_mod", 1)
    inst.components.locomotor.walkspeed = 7
    inst.components.locomotor.runspeed = 8    
local function onbecameghost(inst)
   inst.components.locomotor:RemoveExternalSpeedMultiplier(inst, "character_prefab_speed_mod")
local function onload(inst)
    inst:ListenForEvent("ms_respawnedfromghost", onbecamehuman)
    inst:ListenForEvent("ms_becameghost", onbecameghost)
    if inst:HasTag("playerghost") then
local common_postinit = function(inst) 
    -- Minimap icon
    inst.MiniMapEntity:SetIcon( "character_prefab.tex" )
local master_postinit = function(inst)
    inst.soundsname = "willow"
    inst.components.temperature.maxtemp = 60
    inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 1
    inst.components.hunger.hungerrate = 1 * TUNING.WILSON_HUNGER_RATE    
    inst.OnLoad = onload
    inst.OnNewSpawn = onload    
        for k,v in pairs(start_inv) do start_inv[k]=nil end -- this removes all items for start_inv table without breaking its pointer
        inst.components.talker:Say("Starting with items")
return MakePlayerCharacter("character_prefab", prefabs, assets, common_postinit, master_postinit, start_inv)

Again - many thanks for help ^_^

Edited by Hekkaryk
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