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Power Switch / Thermo Switch inconsistency

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The Power Switch and Thermo Switch are acting slightly inconsistently. While a dupe needs to come and turn the Power Switch on and off - which is expected, the Thermo Switch on the other hand gets its settings adjusted automatically.

This allowes some (possibly) unintended behavior with using the Thermo Switch as an "automatic" switch which can be turned on and off e.g. during the night without the dupes intervention. Not sure if the dupe would need to come to adjust the temperature threshold, but switching between "above" and "below" is done momentarily, so a part of the power grid can be turned on/off by the user using this switch. If this is an intended functionality that should become available through research, maybe it would be interesting to just decouple it from the Thermo Switch, but it seems like it makes things slightly easier than intended.

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Yes, it can be and is abused. On the other hand, you often put these switches to conditions where dupes are unwelcome or which are even dangerous for them. So it's better left as it is as that allows these designs.

Current leading proposal to deal with it (in my opinion) is decoupling the switch logic and the measurement. Have the sensor in the hard to reach place, and have it remotely connected to a switch where you can have dupes adjust the values. That could work. Until that is the option, the little abuse open to players is better alternative to me than mandatory duplicant adjustments.

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