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  1. This is more or less echoing an old bug report I made in September, with some elements of the more recent updates. Basically, the game allows me to build an automation bridge over an AND-gate if I build the AND-gate first and the bridge second. If the bridge is placed first, the gate can't be built. I understand that this was a valid and working configuration before (I've used it), but now I am able to build it despite it being an invalid configuration as indicated by the "Building has overlapping ports" error. Further, the error message description which I can read by clicking on the AND-gate is somewhat misleading, at least in the first part: "Invalid Port Overlap: Ports on this building overlap those on another building. This building must be rebuilt in a valid location." But, each of the 5 ports here is in a separate tile, so I do not understand why the ports are considered to be overlapping. And I'll echo my plea from the last bug report: please allow us to use this build, it helps keep things neat and small, why forbit it?
  2. Game has crashed three times today

    I found my log files this time, following the instructions you posted. However, when posting a new bug, the instructions under the post for "For instructions on how to get your logs, click below" are not correct and actually instruct to look for the file elsewhere. I'm guessing that's where the confusion about the log files comes from
  3. Playing completely and utterly unmodded. My best guess is that they have some minimum "delay" between two feeding intervals (and there is definetely a time it takes then to "digest" CO2 and turn it to petrol, and after they feed they will not feed again until they expel their waste). I think this is what delays them from coming to the grooming station sometimes when the rancher is calling them. But also, reversely, if they start getting groomed, they will not feed again until the grooming is finished... and since there's a minimum delay between two feeding instances, once the grooming delays their feeding schedule, they never catch up again.
  4. I think there is something wrong with the Molten Slickster eating frequency or calorie consumption when tame (maybe in combination with the grooming buff duration or interruptions to "feeding" frequency caused by grooming - it seems like they will postpone "feeding" while being groomed). As Slicksters reach their middle and then old age (~70+ cycles), they start "starving" in a room full of CO2 (2kg/tile pressure with a constant supply) at a comfortable temperature (currently 112*C). The reason I say "starving" is that they don't die: they seem to lose just a tiny bit more calories between two "feeding" instances than they gain when "feeding". From an early age, they are constantly "hungry". When they hit middle age (~70 cycles), their calorie counter hits zero, and I get a starvation warning, lasting only for a second, as they "feed" immediately afterwards. From this age onwards, I get constant tiny "critter starvation" blips, as they deplete all their calories every time before "feeding" more. It only lasts for a moment, and I have not measured the extent of the effect on their reproduction rate, but this effectively lowers their reproduction speed due to their reproduction rate dropping to 2% with the "starving" debuff (which makes them "glum"). Constant popping and dissapearing warnings are also somewhat distracting. Not sure if there is an effect on the CO2 consumed per cycle. Also not sure if regular Slicksters have the same problem, as I've only ranched the Molten ones. Finally, try as I might following the instructions below, I could not find the log file anywhere. In fact, I hit "search" through the entire ONI folder in SteamApps as well as the whole ONI folder in \Documents\Klei, and the file called "ouput_log.txt" (or anything containing "log" or "output" for that matter) simply does not exist. Noticed it first two days ago (with the hotfix/update?), then yesterday it seemed like it got better (but maybe all of the old starving slicksters just died off?) and today it's happening again. Slickster Criter Starve.sav
  5. Game has crashed three times today

    Is there a problem with logfiles? I can't seem to find mine either
  6. I finally decided to deal with all my salt water on Oceania... by compressing it all into four tiles with a door compressor pump. It worked well, I cleaned somewhere between a half and a third of the map, went to check on my door pump, noticed in horror that the salt water quantity per tile was displayed as -2147483648.-2.147484E+09 Kg (I especially love the two negatives), and as I was watching the water somehow reversed out of my door pump, tried to flood my map with -2147483648.-2.147484E+09 Kg packets of water and crashed. I also noticed that my game happily went on running with this for four cycles off screen (as I kept reloading the auto-saves to find a morning before the buffer overflow and for four cycles the water packets in the pump had been -2147483648.-2.147484E+09 Kg, and would push out, flood and crash my game if I was observing). Had to rewind all the way to cycle 1006 to stop it from adding any more water before the packets in the bottom had overflowed. I am also attaching the save game from the morning of cycle 1010; it loads normally (I've tried several times) despite having the packets overflown for several cycles already. It crashes a few seconds after unpausing: IntOverflow.sav If save files from several cycles prior are of help, let me know.
  7. Ah, yes, no bug. Good code is always written so that if the users reach the hard limit, the program or service crashes to teach them a lesson. Totally intended behaviour. In fact, somebody else reported a game crash due to the same problem: Since there is clearly nothing to get fixed here and the devs consider this an exploit to be punished, when the devs responded to the post they laughed at the OP there, told him that his world was lost, told him off for designing a system like that in the first place and that there's no need to change anything. Oh wait, no, actually, the devs were interested in what made the game crash, looked into his logs and savefiles, and then suggested what to do to be able to continue playing and using that system while they're looking into that behaviour. There will always be people pushing on the limits of what games (especially sandbox games like this) allow them to do. If something is not an allowed mechanic, it should not be in the game, rather than crashing it, I think.
  8. Random Crash when reaching cycle 995

    Seems like I made the same bug report a few days later, just noticed this reports the same situation (except I never enabled debug but thankfully managed to reroll far enough back through autosave) Is this something you will eventually be working on, or is it unintended gameplay and we need to focus on designing different systems? There seems to be a very divided opinion of this...
  9. The overheat temperature breakdown still exhibits the same problem as described in this and this bug report ("base value" marked as *C, but expressed in K, despite the whole calculation being in *C). I believe this is an addition to the bug: as seen on the screenshot, the Converyor Loader "Begins overheating at 275*C and melts down ad 260*C". Unlike the previous bug, which was is just funny, this one gives contradicting information. When will the Conveyor Loader stard melting down?
  10. There's some oxylite lying on the floor. I can't select it with mouseover, but works fine when cycling through the available resources from the drop-down menu. As you can see, if I hover over the tile I only get "Oxygen" but no "Oxylite".
  11. I would assume that if a material increases the Overheat Temperature (OT) of the building, the Metdown Temperature (MT) would be affected in the same way (i.e. I would assume that MT = OT + X, where X is determined by the building, and the OT calculated from material properties as base+material). And so... when will that Conveyor Loader melt then? Can it withstand temperatures up to 275 before starting to break, or will it melt 15 degrees before that?
  12. As seen here, when inspecting a gas pump's Overheat Temperature details: The breakdown says Total Value: 125*C (OK) - Base Value: +348.2*C (<<-- problem. It should be 75*C or 348.2K, but since everything is in *C, I'd guess the former ) - Gold Amalgam: +50*C (OK)
  13. I've used this design before and I know the duplicants were able to pass through this door to get from the upper chamber to the lower one. I now noticed that when the door is buit, even if it is open, it prevents duplicants from passing. Is this on purpose or is it a bug? No door, they can pass: Add a door, they can not (door set to "open" - which wasn't needed before):
  14. I agree with this and hope that's the final decision. You used to be able to use that configuration no problem, as long as you built in your and-gate first followed by the bridge. Now it can still be built in that order, but keeps giving out the error warning.
  15. So... I was changing some of my insulated piping to normal piping while the game was paused, I don't think I was doing much out of the ordinary, just flicking between views. And then the game crashed and this popped up: The game music kept playing in the background but I had to wrangle with the Task Manager to actually stop the game to be able to re-run it. As a side-note: it's possible to replace tiles from material A into material B (regular tiles), it's possible to replace piping from insulated -> normal and the other way around, but not insulated piping from one material to the other? The reason I was turning my Insulated Ingeous Rock piping into regular one was to be able to rebuild it as Insulated Ceramic piping. The save file's here: The Full Fridge.sav
  16. There is internet connection. The game opens, but won't connet (eventually gives option to play online). Works fine on Windows.
  17. And you can do that! Make your haulers and your farmers work together - with door premissions or such. I noticed a similar thing, and wasn't very happy. I realized it was ... slowly killing me but still the intended behaviour for better or for worse. So what worked for me was... put your farms behind a door, and your compactor outside. Assign some dupes to be "in-base" suppliers (or, just having farmers do this bit) and some "out-of-base" haulers (I have in-base ranchers, 1 farmer, 1 supplier and cook, rest are out-of-base: several suppliers, miners/architects and engineers). The ones in the base - can't leave the base, thus will not have any "far" resources within range, and so will use the storage compactor. The ones that are out-of-base haulers are not allowed inside the farms/any other delivery destinations (or, you can just prevent them until situation stabilizes - the in-base ones will take those tasks anyway eventually because they can't do many other tasks), and so will only ever fill the compactors. You can even take this a bit further and put the priority one level higher on the "closest" compactor than in your bulk-build compactors... Sure, the in-base dupes might refill it quite often, but if you play with priorities right, they won't do that unless they'd be otherwise idling.
  18. I had a similar drecko farm for a while (a part with the sheering station was filled with hydrogen), and while I heard of the animation bugging out recently (with the dupes freezing), it works, it's just inefficient. They run in, usually they'd whistle next to the grooming station (which you maybe don't see because of the animation bug), wait for the critter for a bit and if it didn't come to them fast enough, they'd come back out for air... Sometimes, they'd even do that in the middle (or at 90%) of the "grooming" done. Eventually, one would get it, but it was a pain. I don't think it's a bug, it's just painfull and requires you to have many ranchers if you want to groom critters in an unbreathable area before you install exosuits. (Now all my ranches and unbreathable areas have exo-suits, even the in-base ranches, so they have no problem with it).
  19. Two duplicants in one hamster weel

    And it's persistent. Current record: 7 duplicants running 4 hamster weels. Since conductive wire didn't overload, I'll assume it doesn't count the power from a single weel twice.
  20. There's two of them, same hamster weel. Not sure how much power they produce. Fascinates me too. Savefile here, not sure how to reproduce other than to run it: Tomato Soup.sav
  21. star map wrap

    I think the asteroid the dupes are on rotates around itself, so your star map also rotates as cycles pass. I've seen almost all of the plantes on the star map loop around and break in half like so at one moment or the other.
  22. Automation sometimes dissapears from view. It will be listed when you hover the pointer over the tile, but it will not be selectable. Turning the automation overlay on and off fixes it. Missing: Turning on overlay: Turning the overlay off: Savefile attached since I have no idea how or when it happens. Tomato Soup.sav
  23. It seems that when there's an automation bridge either built or "clicked", I am not able to click an and-gate or an or-gate in a manner that the bridge jumps over the output or one of the inputs. On the other hand, when the and/or-gate is built first or clicked first, I am able to build an automation bridge over the input or the output of the and/or-gate. So, if you start off this way, click down a bridge: Then try and click down an and gate, it will not allow you: On the other hand, when you click down the gate first, you can add the bridge no problem: Here's an example of a similar buit executed hundreds of cycles ago, with an or-gate (I guess it must have been gate first, bridge second, because I have not noticed before that an automation bridge would not be able to jump over the and- or and or-gate): Please let us continue building bridges over gates, it helps keep the automation small and neat