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[challange] ironman legit touch all 4 neutronium walls in shortest time

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I'm starting a new game in AU-221865 with the challenge of discovering all 4 neutronium walls, and I'm also launching it online to anyone to pick it up

The game challenge rules are:

1. Goal: build anything near all neutronium walls in shortest time legit, meaning:

2. no exploits such as going for polluted oxygen by killing your dupes or sublimation from polluted stuff or whatever so be honest for the fun of it with this rule:

2.1. treat polluted oxygen like "lava" - dupes breath it w/o consuming it. If there's polluted oxygen anywhere near (adjacent square) something you built that is likely to be the subject of a dupe attention, set up an air deodorizer there at least, and set up more with the intent of preventing it. If you run out of sand, use a pump and filter to pump the polluted air out of the base into an enclosed area where dupes won't breath it. Using polluted air like pumping it into the base or mining area because the dupes aren't consuming it but breathing it, or leaving it in the base because of this is an exploit. You can liquefy it to make clean oxygen.

If you must kill dupes which seems legit to me (don't ever quote me on that :D ), bury him immediately to not spawn morbs that make polluted air. Killing your dupes into an enclosed space then liquefying the polluted oxygen from morbs for clean oxygen still is an exploit because it involves reloading the game first of all to spawn more morbs which is the exploit by definition, then again it breaks ironman rules. If you don't reload the game I guess it's ok to try and produce clean air by liquefying polluted air especially because it's legit and I don't think it's very lucrative because of the energy needed, and because dead dupes still eat your food, it's a bug :D. You must bury them to stop it, which will in time despawn your morbs anyway

3. no cheats, using debugger etc. Cheats meaning using something not of game rules, exploit means using any beneficial game bugs to reach the goal faster, and bug means something in the game not working as intended.

4. (ironman rules) no reloading to correct any mistakes or for morbs exploit of that matter, dupe deaths by not paying attention at game speed too high, binge eater on the loose etc. You can only save to pick up later where you left of. Ironman rules means only saving to pick up where you left off in the game

This is a friendly challenge so I'm counting on you to pleasure yourself with it and tell how it went.

I'm assuming we can't go digging in all 4 directions w/o building a sustainable base so there it is. Have screenshots to prove it. Go go go! Have fun :)

P.S. Can't think up what other rules are necessary, may  discover more are needed although now I think it's unlikely

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25 minutes ago, BlueLance said:

Can your colony die after you have reached all 4 sides?

What happens if the bottom has no way to touch the neutronium due to lava?

Good point. I already thought of that :) Use heat clothing and cooling tech... actually I don't know if it's possible but we'll see. I'ld like to be surprised so no spoilers. If it can't be done find out why and is sufficient, like exploring all the possible paths down, but I believe it can be done - in my last game I went around a 300 Celsius biome but I was far from the bottom, perhaps 2 screens down from my start. Perhaps we can drop cool liquefied gases on the lava until it cools... I don't know :) If it can't be done then the new rule will be just discover lava if all the bottom is lava and is hopeless to get through it

The challenge is to touch all 4 neutronium walls, which I believe means having a sustainable base which won't die afterwards... You can't go just start digging around - you need food, air where you make food, air where you dig, electricity etc. so having an efficient base is part of the challange

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Already confused a gas geyser with a water geyser and got a bit of a gas spill, then tried a water lock with polluted water then remembered I should treat polluted oxygen like lava and that polluted water lock would create polluted oxygen, then thought I should reload to fix breaking the polluted oxygen rule but that would break ironman rules, so now I got to fix it with the dupes. Fun stuff :? At least I found two gas geysers in a row but would've preferred water ones

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I've set up deodorizers all the way but I'm not spending enough time in the area to matter anyway, meaning I'm not exploiting the fact it isn't consumed because even if it was oxygen it wouldn't be consumed as the last picture proves. Algae oxidizers are fairly easy to set up too along the way

There's another issue with polluted oxygen that's exploitish. In the many cycles I built my base it also built up into 10-30Kg lumps in caves with polluted water so when I burst up an area it filled my tunnel, but I've made it oxygen either way to abide to the rules.

Perhaps I'll try a more gypsy bandwagon approach next, a minimal base that I bring with me, and specialize dupes because in this they used to only dig one square or build one thing then go all the way to the base for another activity - they could've dug faster just sticking with it like they do at start when there isn't any more to do. Got to figure how to make a dupe dig and build using the available material continuously while I use others to bring food for instance

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15 hours ago, w0lfshad3 said:

Got to figure how to make a dupe dig and build using the available material continuously while I use others to bring food for instance

Specialization and access controls on doors. Find out the jobs they are all running back to the base to do then restrict those jobs to a specific bunch of dupes through door access controls. If you just use the job tab, you'll slow yourself down in other ways.

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I tried to put them on only build and dig but seems I mustn't give them showers, toilets and whatnot, because they go back all the way into the base for them, which true, would be fixed with a closed door. What's weird is that they only dug 1-2 squares, made 1 delivery and built 1 square each time, so it was also good I had 17 of them working, although only 1-3 going to the dig time at a single time

P.S. Games these days don't go as far as they could - there could be added to the game the possibility to:
1. build a rockit (reach the surface)
2. randomly invade other asteroids (like in  darksouls maybe, don't play that one), that is you don't know your asteroid position relative to the ones around you belonging to other players
3. inherently make an update about weapons, turrets, morbs'o'war? :)

I'll post in suggestions...

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