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  1. open mechanized door with default do not pass breaks dupe nav path... which is pretty useful ^^
  2. job list doesn't pick up rename. EDIT: It eventually picked it up after several cycles
  3. destructive duplicator gets himself suffocated not going to an oxygen area. When he starts destroying a building in an area w/o oxygen he will suffocate
  4. annoying to select abyssalite. It only half scrolls in
  5. broken pipe don't care, just works
  6. thermo switch require no duplicator interaction while all power switch, valve do. I think thermo switch was suppose to and wasn't implemented
  7. I checked thoroughly, no water appeared for my cursor at least, and they kept that up until I let them out, meaning if there was even invisible water anywhere (in small amounts), it would've been gone. They were picking like 4000 g/s and it wasn't dissapearing from anywhere, but in the muck factory it was adding up. The polluted water itself was 5K / square at most there. The blockage to the main base is seen upper right
  8. liquid pipe bridge straight out of exhaust doesn't work
  9. My dupes got stuck in an area of the base extracting water out of polluted water ad infinitum. They keep doing that for minutes until I remake the path to the base I suppose. I've checked and there's no water near nor any water is going down around
  10. replacing tile with insulated tile doesn't deconstruct tile first. replace tile with insulated tile and you lose the tile build materials. same for replacing tile with gas permeable tile and I suspect mesh tile as well EDIT: actually it's the same with all replacements
  11. liquid bridge - 3 tiles for 100, pipe 1 tile for 100, makes me use bridge more to save up on resources
  12. you could try to follow them around see what are they up to. Mine instead of going to priority 9 items, sometimes they go especially to pick ice items to store although the store is priority 5 (I could remove storing those altogether). Use pneumatic doors to close areas and micro them using detailed priorities
  13. I got a duplicate who has perpetual 4K kcals in him and wants to eat 30K / cycle. I observed that while I sent him to starve in a room and he wouldn't die. See picture. It's not a binge eater. Reloading the game fixed it
  14. When a dupe gets binge eating, it exhausts the entire food supply, like over 60K I seem to remember, which makes me never get those. I don't think they are meant to be as dangerous but more in step with other stress disorders, perhaps triple overeating or so... Since airlock doors destroy air can't lock food away either because the constant open and close of the door will destroy the adiacent rooms air