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For a while I've been trying to figure out how to make sand from clay. Clay says in the tooltip that it can be baked, so I'm guessing that you can

turn it into either dirt or sand by heating it, but so far, I've not managed to get it hot enough to turn into something else.
Has anyone else experimented with this, or figured out a way to cook clay without dumping it into lava?


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Heating up clay will get you "brick" material eventually.

You can make sand out of fertilizer or dirt by heating them up.

There's a "renewable" way to get sand in current game: build a compost out of abyssalite and keep processing polluted dirt with it. At certain stage you'll find it getting entombed in dirt - that's because the compost has heated up but since it's abyssalite, it doesn't lose the heat and it produces fertilizer hot enough to turn to dirt. Some time later it will start producing sand that way. But it'll take a while, the sand will be pretty hot and you'll have to dig the compost out with each drop so it's not very practical.


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i haven't tried this out but it should work

you could also try out abysallite fridges with a manual switch.  the thermo switch has a max of 200C so it's not very useful for creating sand imo.  

set up some fridges and switch off the room when it reaches a temperature you desire.  a thermo isolated room.  build some compactors above the room, put dirt in them but not 20,000 kg per unless you want it to take forever.  then deselect the material (dirt, fertilizer, whatever) in the compactor and decontsruct the floor.  the material will fall into the room and heat up.  if the temp drops too low just turn the switch back on. should create alot of sand eventually.  i would suggest not dropping the material directly on the fridges since it will entomb them when it converts.  

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I tried it in one of my game and it work. For my part I put a door and selected only one dup to take the dive in the 200°+ room with a compactor in granite with fertilizer selected and priority 6, and waited until it reached 20,000kg. After that I selected sand/dirt and then build 10 other compactors with sand selected and priority 7.

It take a pretty long time with the 20,000kg but since it doesn't need manual operation it's like baking a cake i just have to wait.

My base is totally autonomous and only need this sand for 1 little oxygen purifier in the toilet, since I have all the time in the world and 150,000kg of sand already, I just let it run but if you need sand immediately it's not the technique you want to use.

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