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  1. i just hope it doesn't create a ton of delivery jobs. i hope when a dupe goes to gather the bottled liquid that they will gather up more than one bottle at a time and just turn it into one bottle
  2. Making Sand

    i haven't tried this out but it should work you could also try out abysallite fridges with a manual switch. the thermo switch has a max of 200C so it's not very useful for creating sand imo. set up some fridges and switch off the room when it reaches a temperature you desire. a thermo isolated room. build some compactors above the room, put dirt in them but not 20,000 kg per unless you want it to take forever. then deselect the material (dirt, fertilizer, whatever) in the compactor and decontsruct the floor. the material will fall into the room and heat up. if the temp drops too low just turn the switch back on. should create alot of sand eventually. i would suggest not dropping the material directly on the fridges since it will entomb them when it converts.
  3. i only tested this out in debug mode. i know it's using the tepidzer bug. the hydrogen is heated by the tepidizer. the temp switches are set so that the tepidizer activates if below 130C or so. The pump that drips in the pol water at about 600g/s activates if the temp is above 131C or so. the tepidizer doesn't entomb itself because i decided to put lotsa dirt down before buillding the tepidizer. this effect can be recreated in game by building 4 compactors, setting them for dirt only, using priority stuff to spread the dirt around, then deconstruct them. each tile has several hundred kilos dirt. no sand in the time i tested it. The steam is heavier than the hydrogen but lighter than the CO2. the CO2 was heated to above boiling point for normal water so it doesn't cause the steam to condense. the middle section is cooler tho and also has lower CO2 concentration with piped cold dirty water cooling. i haven't bothered trying to build this in a normal game. i'd prolly just use the dirty water for fertilizer makers.
  4. i appreciate the links. i'm currently using the electrowheeze design from the wiki - modified so that they both pull through the vase. the test i did earlier was just trying to get full productivity out of an electrolyzer. no downtime. and it didn't really have downtime - but didn't produce the right proportion for some reason.
  5. yah i was using mechanical filter. the room never had spare oxygen flitting around - it was getting pumped pretty much immediately. but idk - maybe. i thought it might have something to do with the liquid vent trick - maybe it sometimes doesn't place the hydrogen? also read someone said pipe bridges destroy mass in some thread (maybe even this one) and the mechanical filter was using 2 of em. unfortunately i didn't save that world - so i'd have to build it again to show a pic. not a big deal. just lazy atm
  6. Need some help if poss.

    well i don't know how to do those in debug mode other than spawning in a dupe and telling them to do it. ctrl f2 to spawn a dupe
  7. Net cooling

    so i just read from beginning. wanted to post this in a new thread but i think this applies here. didn't really understand much of what i read. anyways - is this taking advantage of a bug? it pretty rapidly cools water (either dirty or clean). asking cuz i have only some idea what all of the various bugs are in the game edit: so i remember reading what Kasuha said were the various bugs. noticed my system pumps the colder water to a different chamber for storage - but the vents are up high and drip them down into the body of water. that's the drip cooling bug? besides that - the water is still colder than when it started. much colder. i put the vents up top cuz i assumed that if i put them on the bottom that eventually they would overpressurize trying to pump water into full water tiles... but i haven't tried that out
  8. General Feedback 100+ Hours

    i've heard that about compactors and lag. don't really understand it much as when it's out in the normal world - its a bunch of individual things interacting with the environment (unless it's in a vacuum chamber i guess) so how does that differ from being in a compactor?
  9. General Feedback 100+ Hours

    @brummbar7 that would be awesome. a feature like that is already in game as you almost certainly know. permission restricted doors. this game doesn't really have modding tools besides language but if it did - it'd prolly be a pretty quick mod to make.
  10. General Feedback 100+ Hours

    i don't know if this has been suggested but my only gripe with dupe tasking besides what is about to be fixed is where they take materials from to build stuff. say i put a bunch of granite next to an area where i'm about to use granite for construction - i'd like to be able to tell the dupes to use specifically that material. how it is now results in them running from somewhere grabbing the closest granite and if it's rather far they might drop it to go do something else. resulting in material being spread around and not orderly
  11. @Whispershade thanks. guess i'll have to test stuff at slower speeds now if i want complete accuracy. @Sevio i was using a very small room - basically only room for the electrolyzer and the pumps - no switches. it started out as vacuum.
  12. Need some help if poss.

    couple questions - have yeh made the debug_enable.txt in your data folder? are you using alt-Q to pick stuff up and move it around? backspace just enables the element spawner i think. press ctrl-f4 to enable instant build mode. there's also a topic talking about debug commands
  13. i've read the thread, seen that some of yall getting the near perfect ratio which would be 14/111 or 0.1261 i was still interested tho and ran a closed system in debug mod with unlimited power and cooling to test the electrolyzer. it'd prolly be better if i setup multiples of the same design but i figured running it for a long time prolly amounts to the same. i ran it from start of cycle 234 to end of cycle 296 - fast debug speed which may or may not cause problems - i don't know it never overpressured (pumps right next to it) as far as i could tell while watching it but it did do some weird stuff like everything just powered off simultaneously for a fraction of a second every once in a while for reasons unknown to me. adequate power production and the lines weren't overtaxed so i have no clue why other than maybe the speed. it also never overheated. anyways it produced 27,670.6 kg of oxygen and 3,155.1 kg hydrogen which is .1140 compared to the .1261 ideal. the gas was collected into chambers that took advantage of the liquid on vent exploit. i can only conclude that gas is getting deleted somewhere in my system edit: no wheezeworts used as someone said they delete gas but i don't know if that's true or not so i just didn't bother. used a hydrogen radiator pulling the gas from a very cold room of practically infinite hydrogen and the exhaust was just pumped into a void room to avoid the problem of cooling it down again
  14. Self Powered Oxygen Production

    So that electrowheeze design is awesome. i don't really trust the power reporting stuff but it usually net 160kj with 180kg oxygen production. maybe just cuz of the way i set mine up in debug testing - it ran pretty hot. i feel the mechanical filter is a little bit of an exploit for a couple reasons - a pipe bridge wouldn't actually prioritize flow unless it had some kind of mechanical valve thing in it, and the gas valve set to really low intake wouldn't take only the gas to be filtered - it would take both - it's just that this game can't have mixing of gases in the same packet. that said - i'm not really sure i care as i don't see that gas behavior changing and this will prolly stay in the game i'm not sure i quite set the filter up properly cuz this is my first time trying it - here's a pic it took from very start of cycle 65 to a little after midday cycle 77 to charge 36 batteries to full from 0 - the initial battery on the left started at 40kj when i flipped the switch i've tried other self oxygen generation designs (a couple of my own) and this seems to be the easiest to setup cuz it doesn't seem to require priming the chamber with the specific mix of gases since it's not a closed system, only the mechanical filter needs to be primed with hydrogen - which is easy, it produces alot of power imo for being self powering, and it also seems like it could be done pretty early in a non debug game as long as yeh find some wheezewort seeds/plants
  15. i think the reason i'm so obsessed with this game currently is the amount of stuff to do. i haven't been playing long so i haven't really figured a whole lot out but i just started using debug mode just testing stuff out before implementing in a base where i don't allow myself to use debug mode at all. in a way this feels a bit like cheating - but i got tired of getting to a point in my game where i wanted to try something and then slowly watching the dupes do it - to then realize i set it up wrong. creating a self powering oxygen generation system using electrolyzers seems pretty fiddly to me. in fact - i think that some of the fun of the game might actually be diminished if there is a clear cut way of doing something every time.