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Canon timeline or assumption?

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minespatch    58,420

There could be several threads who made a similar topic but this has been bothering me:

When does this side-game take place?

If it's way after the events of DST, then that means that Maxwell is back on the throne. If not, the reason MAxwell would be represented in a volcano explosion due to a punishment of either Charlie or some character we haven't met before(assuming of course).

Walani might from a few decades later depending on where she came from and her personality.


Throw theories here, I'm rather clueless as to the timeline since I'm familiar with Kevin's official timeline but Shipwrecked seems way after the Kevin timeline.


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oCrapaCreeper    3,081

Honestly I think the canon in SW is either a mess or just nonexistent. Despite the trailer implying it's part of Maxwell's reign, Maxwell himself doesn't appear to have a clue what is going judging from his quotes. 

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