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The Three Little Scientists By: osadat


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The Three Little Scientists
By: osadat

Once upon a time in the world of Don't Starve there were three little Scientists. These Scientist lived a somewhat peaceful life with a couple of spider attacks every now and then and an angry pigman occasionally. They researched new tools and built prototypes of them using their fancy scientific machines all day and night.

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One of the scientist had straw walls around his base because it was the easiest to build.
The second scientist built wood walls around his base. These were a little bit stronger than the straw walls.
The third scientist built stone walls around his base. Then the scientist heard some growling.

The three little scientist were terribly scared, they did not know what the growling was, or where it came from. Then that night the Big Bad Hellhound, who dearly loved to eat fat little scientists, came along and saw the first little scientist in his base with straw walls, The Big Bad Hellhound said "Let me in, Let me in, little scientist or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll set your straw walls on FIRE!" "Not by the Beard hairs of my chinny chin chin", said the little scientist. But of course the Hellhound did set fire to the straw walls, got into the base, and ate the first little scientist. Unfortunately the first little scientist had no meat effigys.
Next the Big Bad Hellhound came to the base with wood walls. "Let me in ,Let me in little scientist or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll set your wood walls on fire" "Not by the beard hairs of my chinny chin chin", said the little scientist. But the Hellhound set fire to the wood walls of that base too, got in, and ate the second little scientist! The second scientist had no meat effigys as well, but he did have an amulet which he, unfortunately, forgot to equip. The Hellhound then came to the base with stone walls. " Let me in , let me in" cried the Hellhound "Or I'll huff and I'll puff and set fire to your stone walls" "Not by the beard hairs of my chinny chin chin" said the little scientist. Well, the Hellhound huffed and puffed but he could set fire to the stone walls. But the Hellhound was a sly old Hellhound and he climbed over the wall and began to climb down into the base. The little scientist saw the wolf climb up the wall and lit a roaring fire in the fireplace and placed on it a large crock pot of water. The Hellhound crawled down and KERSPLASH right into that crock pot of boiling water and that was the end of his troubles with the Big Bad HellHound. The next day the little third little scientist invited Maxwell over. He said "You see it is just as I told you. The way to get along in the world is to do things as well as you can." Fortunately for the first two little scientists, they learned that lesson. And they just livED happily ever after! And then the third little scientist jumped into the portal onto a more difficult life.

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