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  1. but I'm useful in bad situations such as the batilisk ambush,without me with my snurtle slime powered jetpack,we would have died and that's something you don't want!
  2. But there bringing me to Maxwell's prison!*and you could call your friends to help me!(The journey to maxwell's prison starts) *remember maxwell's prison from my story called the flood?
  3. Willete!Did you see this?Could you draw a comic of what happened and make a series where you try to rescue me?
  4. place holder text for the same reason as before!
  5. *Wakes up*Me: oof,What a really looong sleep.I'm gonna dig some graves!*night hands appear and kidnap me due to sanity problems while digging graves*Me:Help meeeeeeeeeeee!*Willete and the rest of the gang run after the night hands*Willete:We've go to save Wheatly!
  6. placeholder text because of not knowing how to delete!
  7. hey! willete!could you draw something having to do with me?
  8. It's me,Wheatly and I made already 2 songs so can I make a third?P.S YAY!Hundreth post,I'm a senior member!
  9. one more song! Gravedigger's song:If you're like me,you are a gravedigger.Gravedigger's love digging grave's and when you dig a grave,you might find a blue gem or some decoration.It's sad how gravedigger's lose their sanity while digging graves.Gravedigger!Gravedigger!Gravedigger!Gravedigger.Gravedigger.Gravedigger...Gravedigger...
  10. hey!could you include me? I mentioned in one comment of me that I used my super fast dig with shovel ability to get there!