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Problem Shipwrecked Key

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Hello !

I bought on Steam a Mega Pack Bundle with Don't Starve and all of his DLC with Together version.

I wanted to install the game in the normal version (that not using Steam), so I used my CD Key, and I used them with that site https://www.humblebundle.com/s?key=

I installed Don't Starve and Reign of Giants, but my Shipwrecked key is "Unknown", so I can't download it. I don't why this only key don't function.


So I ask it to the admins if it's possible to fix my problem, I can also send screen that proof I bought it or something else.

(sorry for my bad english)

Thank you.

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Hi there, 

We have previously provided the keys to Humble and they are working on getting them setup, I don't know the eta on when they will be ready. Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully they will get it fixed up quickly. 

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Hey there. 

So the process is, we generate keys over on steam, which we give to you. We then take that list of keys and tell humble that they are valid, and then Humble gives you the DRM free version. 

Humble is in the process of processing those keys and soon as that is done your key should work. I don't have an ETA on that unfortunately, I will keep an eye on it and reply here when I see that it's working. 


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Hi there

I bump this thread beause i have same problem..

its okay for base game and rog but not for shipwrecked..

I bought the mega pack on steam in july 2016 and the link is always appear a badkey.. is it not so long or there is a bug with my key ?


(sorry for my english, i am belgian)


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hello. i made a thread yesterday, because i have the same problem (sorry i saw too late that a thread about this problem was already existing).

so.. yes. i bought mega pack from steam yesterday. and i activated it on humble, too. but it only worked for dont starve and reign of giants dlc.

it didnt work for shipwrecked. "unknown key" is the error message.

(but i already contacted support, now waiting for answer. i just wanted you to know that this problem still exists)

but i wonder why it is always shipwrecked, because the other two games worked instantly.

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hi. still waiting for support answer. but im a bit confused. i wrote to klei support and got an automatic email answer. they say, if i still have problem after reading FAQ and forum, i should reply. but i dont understand how they want me to reply. there is a sentence "Type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply" what do they want me to do? copy the whole klei email, paste it into a new email and then write my reply text there, where the sentence is?

because, this is what i acutally did: just clicked "reply" in my email provider. and the email i wrote a reply to, is written in smaller latters on the bottom.

to make it more clear:  the only thing i did is to cklick reply and write to klei again. but i dont understand the sentence " Type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply " they want a special email reply shape? that "advice sentence" is more confusing than helping.. did i do it right now or wrong?

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