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  1. well there is still the skin system. but aside all that, i didnt try to discuss it. i just wrote that stuff in hope developers maybe will read it and anseer/think bout it again. *shrugs*
  2. i know but if you look at it like this: 4 characters would be like.. 28$. thats alot i think. it probably would have been alot better if they would sell these 4 characters all in in one bundle as.. as a dlc i think, for 10$ maybe. idk. but if you plan on buy them all, its kind of expensive. <.<
  3. did i get it right? each new character will cost 6,99? thats more than the game costs on sale days maybe a little bit cheaper? <.< and what exactly means the characters will be weavable with spool? i mean.. 1350 as usual? or like... 10.000?
  4. hi i encountered a strange bug. i apologize for writing in this section although this bug is related to RoG only. (so far?). but there is no bug tracker section for DS RoG. i died in my world and it regenrated a new one and i continued that one. i revealed the map with console command because i was lazy. on the map i saw a thermal measurer, chest and an ice box, all in the desert. i went there and then the thermal measurer display rose, went all red and the autumn season suddenly turned into summer. in that chest there were 40 nitre, 20 rocks, 40 grass, fire staff, a pickaxe and a summer frest. in the ice box there were 15 ice and 20 petals. so.. is this kind of a "trap" chest thingy like.. the one that starts to burn when you open it, but this time season changes into summer if you go there? or is this a bug? that never happened to me before and i couldnt find literally nothing in the internet bout this. so im asking here now, because it could be a bug, idk.
  5. No RoG Biomes When SW Compatible

    same here,whenever i enable comatbility to a new RoG world, it turns into DS Vanilla non-RoG world with only autumn and winter season (the DS vanilla has only these two seasons). to the OP of this thread: for me, when i play only RoG (without compatibility) everything works fine and sinkholes exist, too - but these sinkholes are not shown on the map.
  6. im not sure if im doing something wrong... i played the shipwrecked beta. not i deactivated beta in steam. but there was new update for shipwrecked (only a 1,2 MB big update). dies it mean.. because i had beta version installed.. i didnt need to download the full update again, but only a little part of it, like bug fixes? and another question: the standalone dont starve didnt update my shiüwrecked. (the klei updater from humble. im not talking about steam version). so for klei updater (stand alone game) it will be available later? or am i bugged?
  7. [Game Update] - 238439

    hi.. sorry for posting it here, but i dont really know what to do. somehow the support isnt answering me (i contacted support thursday and today again). my shipwrecked key isnt working for humble (i bought mega pack on steam). it says unknown key. what should i do, so support will answer me? i got an email and thy say, i need to reply this email if i still have a problem. is that all i need to do? now just wait? did i have to put in my key, too`(because i didnt write my key in the email).