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  1. not sure if this is a bug, but i built many toothtraps really clsoe to each other (closest as possible with geometric buildin mod). now i fought against hounds and beat them with the tooth traps.wheni wanted to reset them, it didnt work with a keeping pushed space bar. it didnt recognize the traps. i needed to go very close to a trap to reset it with space bar. so it didnt auto-reset all tooth traps close to me, as it does with auto-pickup items near me when i hold space bar pressed.
  2. hello. since im playing i never encountered the dragonfly and i was thinking that its will spawn in the desert (similar to DST). but the dragonfly spawned on me and burned my base, so i force quit the game, so it didnt save. i reloaded my save and there wassomething wrong. before i tell you what was, wrong, you need to know this: it was the night of day 137, full moon. i exit the caves to get the glommer flower. earlier in cave i farmed bunny furr and their meat and carrots, and boards etc, because i wanted to build a bunny farm. so leaving the caves, i run to glommer, take it and hear something strange. i thought it was hounds first, but yeah it was the dragonfly. it became the day of day 138 (means night wa over) and dragonfly spawned at my base and burned everything. so i force quit te game before it saves it. i re-enter the game and it is the day of day 137 now (not full moon yet, because its daylight).so in other words, it was BEFORE i entered the caves. i was next to the cave entrance and checked my chester and my inventory. and there were bunny furr, carrots, meat and wood boards so... despite of me being on the beginning of day 137, BEFORE i entered the caves, my farms from the caves were saved. something is not right here, is it? edit: and the dragonfly didnt come now either, after re-entering the world. edit 2: my steam synchro for dont starve is turned off btw
  3. shift + click on item bug

    it is fixed, thanks!
  4. that sounds like the bug i reported. unfortunately it is even worse than you think. doesnt even matter what and where youshift-click (could be miles away from a crockpot, could be in a chest), as long as you cooked something and the meal is still on the crockpot, or as long as you have still items that were bugged into the crockpot when cooking and you didnt remove them yet, everything you shift-click, will be tried to put into tha crockpot. read the linked first post to see what i mean with it and test it out. shift click bug
  5. QOL update report

    aw, still no map icons for gold deposits on the map
  6. hi there is a new strange bug in the QoL update. when something is cooking in the crockpot or a cooked meal is still on th crockpot (that means a not-picked-up meal that finished cooking and is visible on the crockpot) and wherever i do shift+click (thats the quick combination to move items from backpack to inventory, or from XYZ to chest, from ice box to whatever... you know what i mean, shift+click is for moving stuff from A to B) and if the item i did sift+click on it is an item that can normally be placed into a crockpot slot, that item disappears and is transferred to the currently cooking or having a cooked meal on it crockpot. plus if you take the already cooked meal from the crockpot, but you bugged items into that crockpot earlier when it was still cooking/when the meal was still unpicked on the crockpot, even if the meal is picked then, the shift+click bug still occurs, because you still have bugged-in items in one of the 4 slots of crockpot (or in all slots, or 2 or 3, doesnt matter) from earlier, when the bug occured when it was still cooking/had a cooked meal on it. unless you also pick up the bugged-in items form the slots, too, this bug will still be present with all items that can be placed in crockpots, when you shift+click. so basically... whenever you cook something on crockpot, you cant use shift+click anymore with items that are placeable into crockpots. and that isnt limited by distance. the crockpot that has an already cooked meal on it can be at the end of the map, and you are on the opposite end, your items that usually can be placed in a crockpot slot, will transferred into that crockpot when you shift-click them. and when all 4 slots are full and you shift click them, nothing happens. so basically the game acts like as if you had a crockpot open to place stuff into the 4 slots. when the 4 are full, you cant place any more stuff but also nothing will happen to your items (no moving to chests etc) because it thinks: lets move it into crockpot, but its full, so.. nope you cant move it into crockpot. 1. build a crockpot, 2. cook something. 3. shift+click on an item, wherever and whatever you want (must be an item that is placeable into crockpots) while crockpot is cooking or while an unpicked meal is resting on the crockpot. 4. the item will be transferred into the crockpot
  7. oh so thats the place where the update notes are posted. i wondered why i never could find update notes the normal Dont Starve thread anymore. thanks for noting that!
  8. QOL update report

    just curious, will my already existing world be compatible with this? didnt see any info about compatiblity with already existing worlds so someone might know it here.
  9. the bug seems to be gone! its working for me now but i didnt have any update notification on steam so I wonder when an update was installed for me
  10. huh was there a secret update? i didnt get any steam notifications for updates. because the bug is solved now. i can creates worlds now with RoG + hamlet/SW compatibility and it really will be RoG then and not turn into DS-Vanilla!
  11. QOL update report

    oh well i see. but would be still wonderful if! ps: was there some hidden update? i didt get any update notification on steam but i noticed that the "RoG + compatbility mode" option is fixed now. before, when i created a world as described, the world turned into DS Vanilla with Autumn and Winter only. now I have 4 seasons after creating RoG + Shipwrecked compatbility
  12. QOL update report

    i hope they will add oasis desert and antilon <.< (of course with loer stats than in DST, as all other RoG creatures). i would love to have some summers where i dont need to take care of ice flingos. and maybe scale furnance to make warming and cooking easier? <.< well these 2 features are probably to overpowered for single players. buuut you know, DST can be played offline and single player, too! so.. why not giving DS players a bit of breath with oasis and scale furnance PS: get well soon, klei team.
  13. hi i encountered a strange bug. i apologize for writing in this section although this bug is related to RoG only. (so far?). but there is no bug tracker section for DS RoG. i died in my world and it regenrated a new one and i continued that one. i revealed the map with console command because i was lazy. on the map i saw a thermal measurer, chest and an ice box, all in the desert. i went there and then the thermal measurer display rose, went all red and the autumn season suddenly turned into summer. in that chest there were 40 nitre, 20 rocks, 40 grass, fire staff, a pickaxe and a summer frest. in the ice box there were 15 ice and 20 petals. so.. is this kind of a "trap" chest thingy like.. the one that starts to burn when you open it, but this time season changes into summer if you go there? or is this a bug? that never happened to me before and i couldnt find literally nothing in the internet bout this. so im asking here now, because it could be a bug, idk.
  14. No RoG Biomes When SW Compatible

    same here,whenever i enable comatbility to a new RoG world, it turns into DS Vanilla non-RoG world with only autumn and winter season (the DS vanilla has only these two seasons). to the OP of this thread: for me, when i play only RoG (without compatibility) everything works fine and sinkholes exist, too - but these sinkholes are not shown on the map.
  15. confirmed, cant see sinkholes either. but i think i could see boulders on map (before opening), After opening the entrances, couldnt see the entrances on maps. kinf od bugged. i read that this issue was fixed some years ago and now its back..? strange thing. on Dont starve vanilla (without RoG or any dlcs) sinkholes are visible. and just btw.. gold deposits look like normal stones on map. is this intended?