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Their only purpose is to get their antlers for summon Klaus , and they just feel like robots when you see them..

Beefalos and Volt Goats are better and don't only give meat like theses dudes.

Why not change their way of "living" in Don't starve Together world?

My idea is : When we are in Winter, the only season where they got antlers, make the ones with antlers (probably males, and yes i assume gender so stop this ded meme) fight against the other with antlers and the looser of the fight(which loose when his health reach a certain cap) loose it's antler on the ground or break them and leave the group for search another, and the winner become like , an upgraded No-Eyed-Deer (maybe some veteran look or breaks on the horns/bigger horns and change of colors with upgraded stats?) and become like a "dominant" leader of the herd?

And when his health reach 5% he get "stunned" and we can either kill him for get some:

-Funny reward *insert napsack*

-Fancy reward *insert no-eyed deer sketch figure for Potter's Wheel*

-Usefull reward *Maybe a weapon for change of Night sword & Thulecite club?*

Or we can also place a saddle on him and get it as a mount faster than Beefalo but harder to take care of but he need something like 10-15 days for return "wild" instead of beefalos who are insanely hard to keep?



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This would be really bad for my penned deer, I love them their sole purpose for me other then all the antler is that I have them as pets. :) I dont see the need to saddle them however it would be really cool if you could get 8 and hook them up to a sleigh during Winter to go really fast and cover lots of ground and have tons of storage space in the sleigh, Winter only of course. That would be fun but I do not see the point of making them kill themselves. 

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