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Klei Artist Brush

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Hello. I couldn't see last stream live. But I will go insane if I don't find out what exactly brush Toni (who was drawing at the beginning) was using in Photoshop. I am not asking for skins png or tex files. 

Finding out what brush is bad too?
Please, can someone help me with this damn good brush? It would be very nice if one of the developers wrote me.

Thank you <3

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Toni uses the photoshop brush tool and the brush preset is just the default circle shape ("Hard Round Pressure Size") in the 10px-55px range at 100% hardness.

She confirms this in "RWP #144 - Don't Starve Draw Along (Art Stream) • 9 days ago" on Twitch art stream @ 27:45

She uses it for shading and coloring as well. Sometimes with "Lock Transparent Pixels" enabled.

Jouste uses the pencil tool at 10px, and eraser at 25px.

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