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Sooo.. About that sand? Want to make some? Melt some.. things?

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So, I've heard that people have been wanting to bake dirt into sand...  Well, I think I've figured out how!  ;)




First, you'll need this stuff.  Phosphorus, it's produced when Phosphorite melts past 250C, so its quite possible to find it at the bottom of the map, already melted.  The neat thing about Phosphorus is that it freezes at a reasonable temperature of 44C, so you can store it and pipe it within the base safely.  I would suggest storing a few tens of degrees hotter then that.  Really, the hotter the better.  It has a nasty habit of solidify readily and creating a tile you have to dig.  Next...!


 You build something like this!  Muhahahaha!



That's igneous rock forming under those granite tiles, they're melting... Don't use granite.  Only use abyssalite and obsidian.  Trust me.  ;)



In fact, only use wolframite.  No copper, no iron, no gold amalgam.  Trust me.  ;)  When things melt, they make a mess!





Hint, liquid chlorine is apparently denser then liquid phosphorus.  I tried polluted water, as you can see, but it kept getting popped out by the liquid phosphorus, and then making a mess.  The tepidizer is reading the temperature of the liquid that it's 'submerged' in and it's basically reading the liquid chlorine.  The chlorine doesn't really have it's temp changed much in that pocket.    So, the result is that the machine just keeps running until it burns itself out.  Creating an absurd amount of heat in the process! :D  Your tepidizer's warranty will be void!


Perhaps someone can come up with a way to have a Dupe fix it, without killing them in the process?

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Great to see you continue the tepidizer science! :D After baking dirt into sand, the next step sounds like it should be refining metals... Copper, steel, gold and tungsten! Would be amazing if one of the refined metals can give a higher overheat temp bonus than gold amalgam!

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Don't bother with refining metals right now. They are missing a few element tags and bonuses that would make them useful. Tungsten is currently the best element for liquid pipes when transferring temperature though.


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Yeah, no, I already tried all the metals they let you make the tepidizer with in debug mode.  Tungsten is oddly not one of them.  Also, the temp bonus some of them have does not matter in this case.  It's the melting point of the material.  The tepidizer starts to incur damage after it's over-heat temperature and it seems, the larger the melting point, the longer it lasts.. until you hit the melting point, at which point, it just melts instantly.



Magma..!  And liquid steel~  But yeah, I've definitely have gotten a good number of refined metals during my various tests of this thing.  Notice how the wire is still there, so yeah, wolframite :D

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Well that was a bad idea. Changed the material category to Solid.


Look at the size of that scrollbar.

Though making buildings out of solid gases is fun. They instantly evaporate and nuke the room.

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1 hour ago, Risu said:

...  Though making buildings out of solid gases is fun. They instantly evaporate and nuke the room.

You're mad I tell you ... MAD!!!!!


I warn you, continue down this path and you'll find yourself bald,  petting a soft, white, kitty in your lap while chortling over sharks with lasers and holding dupes to ransom for millions of kg of gold.  Millions!


(also, very impressive that you tried that, just ... wow)

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2 minutes ago, Risu said:

Am I?  (mad)

Do you have to take the red pill to see those strings?  (and with this I shall apologize for going off-topic for humor's sake and bow out -- still being incredibly impressed at the mad-science on display here, which does seem appropriate given that we PRINT our dupes)

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