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Foodless conduct colony

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Lying on a medical cot restores 2000 kcal per cycle - essentially inverted hunger for non-botomless-stomach dupes.

It doesn't actually reach that 1k kcal because dupes don't lie still (they get out of the cot to complain about illness), but it still counters hunger well. Having a dupe lie in a cot all cycle is the safest way of getting "Well Fed" buff. If regular cots are enabled, dupes will move from medicot to regular one for the night, but if cots assigned and disabled, dupes will stay "up" all night and sleep on the medicots.

Now, "hibernating" dupes don't do much work, meaning the entire colony has to slow down a fair bit. Oxygen production can be dropped: by making the "sick bay" out of mesh tiles and keeping a sea of piss below it, enough polluted oxygen will be produced for the colony to survive. And the diseases are likely to happen on the cot anyway, so it only gives them excuses to chill all day (some dupes will not lie in a cot if fully healthy, other do it just fine).

Such a low effort colony can be very stable, as it doesn't have many needs, meaning CO2 production is low, no water is needed so no need to sink heat of steam anywhere (biggest source of heat in a typical colony), chilling in decorated sick bay has a very good effect on stress (-40% per cycle, -30% if it's cold).

CO2 still needs to be handled somehow, though. I didn't find a good sustainable, "low effort" solution for that that doesn't involve a geyser or a void.


Now, I observed some weird behaviors regarding "sick" dupes. Some dupes will refuse to lie on the cot all day and will only go there if actually ill or damaged. Others will keep the "ill face" all cycle and keep making sick emotes despite not reporting any illness - those "hypochondriac" dupes are the most likely to just hibernate as ordered.

This weirdness is per-dupe. Could be related to health and regeneration - dupes who were scalded at some point of their lives seem to be more likely to count as perma-ill.

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