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Merchandise arriving without In-Game Card Codes

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Okay so recently I bought a Replica of a chester plush, and I was questioning whether there are card codes or not? So I looked through last year's thread about this topic, and did what it told.   I tried to contact the community but they said they made a new thread to contact orders or whatever? I'm very new to these email stuff and I have no absolutely no idea how or what to tell to the community. I'm sorry if I bring trouble, but I'm just worried the next time I order, the in-game code cards are not with it again :V

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I ordered a Calico Chester together with some other items when the sale of the reopeningen of the Klei Store took place. All of the items were supposed to come with a redeemable code, but the card for the Calico Chester was missing. :( After e-mailing the customer support at Indiebox (indiebox@kleientertainment.com) I got a reply with a code by e-mail for said item. It didn't take long for them to reply.

Technically I received my code, but it would have been alot nicer to have the card for collecting as well.

Not all Klei merchandise come with redeemable in-game codes but it is always written on the item description on the store page if the item comes with a code or not.

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