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I find that having a miner that can build to be helpful but when there is a build job and a dig job at the same time the dupes always go for the build job first.  It would be nice to have dupes be able to perform every job but they can be customized to perform a certain job first, second, etc.  I've come up with an idea that might work.  On the job tab you can set a primary, secondary, and tertiary job and everything else will be done only if the others have no pending jobs.  This way you can have a dupe that will build first, one that will harvest first, and one that will cook first, etc. while not allowing the base to go to crap because you disabled a job on too many dupes to get a certain job done.

I apologize if my wording is poor but I would love you hear any feedback or even expansions onto this idea.

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the build prioritization is (I believe) due to walls. Which solved a couple of problems where dupes got outside the room and cemented themselfs in, like every horror story with deadbodies behind walls of their own homes.


I think its easier if the Prioritization menu would be keyboarded 1-9 while the menus be reduced to only mouse clickable with the option to close all windows.
- I often have my left hand at keyboard anyway ... so P 1-9 can change priority fast
- When i need a menu, i need to mouse it anyway for items inside the menu
- The only moment I actualy use keyboard shortcuts for menu is to close a menu ... no mouse action required, duh.

That way you get
- build item
- type 1-9 for priority or leave it at 5

although, maybe reverse priority order with 1 being highest if keyboard shortcuts will be set for this.

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